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Was solicited by a charity to donate my used clothing to starving people around the world. I said No Way!!

Anyone that could fit into my clothing, is NOT starving!!

Did you hear Daft Punk is partnering with NASA to solicit bids from contractors?

They're up all night to get Lockheed.

I solicited a prostitute the other night. NSFW

She said, "hey handsome. It's $20 an inch, and if it's over ten, it's free."

Best 40 bucks I ever spent.

Did you hear about the woman who tried to solicit sex for spaghetti?

She got charged with Pastatution

I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC, and we're doing a story on people who solicit teenagers for sex. If you have anything you'd like to add to this conversation, go ahead. Otherwise you're free to go.

Yeah, actually, if you could vote for me in the Alabama senate race that would be awesome.

A solicitor walks up to a car

...and says,

"Good afternoon, have you heard the news? There is a tragedy happening. Terrorists kidnapped our President Donald Trump. If they don't receive $100 million in ten hours, they say they will soak Trump in gasoline and set him on fire! And that's why I and others are going around and asking people to donate what they can. Would you like to make a contribution?"

The driver responds,

"Okay, you can take a gallon."


Is a lady barrister without her briefs a solicitor?

Why shouldn't your solicit a prostitute with Parkinson's?

It makes for a shaky proposition.

A woman decides to solicit sexual favors...

But since asking for money is illegal she decided to ask simply for a spaghetti dinner.

After several years of successful work she was caught in a police sting and charged with pastatution

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