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Why do shoemakers go to heaven?

cause they have good soles..

I have emo shoes.

They have tortured soles.

A priest walks into a shoemakers shope...

And says to the cobbler,

"Help! My soles need heeling!"

Soles joke, A priest walks into a shoemakers shope...

What happened when the shoe factory burned down?

500 soles were lost.

Why did the Grim Reaper go to the shoe repair shop?

To get some soles!


Why do elephants paint their toenails red?
...So they can hide in strawberry patches.

Why do elephants paint the soles of their feet yellow?
...So they can hide upside down in a bowl of custard.

Have you ever seen an elephant hiding upside down in a bowl of custard?
How about in a strawberry patch?

See, it works!

You know what they say about men who wear dress shoes...

They have no soles.

Soles joke, You know what they say about men who wear dress shoes...

It was raining...

The man blotting his wet shoes with newspapers, explained, "These are The Times that dry men's soles."

Why did the devil buy so many shoes?

He wanted their soles.

Why are woman's feet always so cold in bed?

Because they have no soles.

Joke my fiancee just said to me.

Why do redheads have bruised feet?

Because their shoes have no soles.

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Do they make special shoes for gingers with no soles?

After the American Revolution, Thomas Paine celebrates by purchasing a new pair of shoes.

He declares that these are the times to try men's soles.

My cousin's shoe store burned down yesterday

There were so many lost soles.

Why are gingers' feet so rough?

Because they have no soles

There was a devastating fire in my shoe shop.

So many lost Soles.

Soles joke, There was a devastating fire in my shoe shop.

I bought a pair of shoes from a ginger.

I have no idea why he sold them to me, they have no soles.

Ginger's shoes must be real uncomfortable

because they don't have soles

Have you heard about the fire in the shoe factory?

Hundreds of soles were lost

There was a tragic fire at a Nike factory recently...

800 soles were lost.


Mahatma Gandhi lived a strange life

Because of his odd diet, he was plagued by a constant case of bad breath. This diet also left him rather thin and frail.

Because he didn't wear shoes, and he walked everywhere, he developed an impressively thick set of calluses on the soles of his feet.

All-in-all, he was a super-callused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis

Did you hear about the shoe factory that exploded?

Many soles were lost...

Did you hear about the tragic fire at the shoe factory?

200 soles were lost.

Breaking News! Ursula the Sea Witch has taken over and destroyed the local shoe factory. There were no survivors.

Those poor unfortunate soles.

Yesterday, there was a fire in a shoe factory.

Hundreds of soles were lost.

There was a huge fire at a shoe factory...

Reports say over 2000 soles were lost.

I once burnt down a shoe factory

I feel awful when I think of the soles lost

What does a pastor and a cobler have in common?

They both fix soles.

There was a fire at the plant where they make Nike Jordans.

Over a thousand soles were lost.

Did you hear about the fire at shoe station?

It was tragic, 100 soles were lost

Why do Crocs not go to heaven?

Because they have no soles.

Fulfilling Career

Shoe shining should be just below Bishop in the Church -

They touch so many soles.

I used to feel guilty about getting rid of old shoes until I realised they were going to a better place.

It turns out that shoes have soles.

I don't like foot models

I don't trust people who sell their soles.

Smugglers have began hiding drugs in the soles of their shoes. You shouldn't trust them

They're probably laced

Why did the Satanic cults' feet hurt?

They sold their soles to the devil.

The shoe factory burned down today. Sadly, there were no survivors.

Rest In Peace all those poor soles.

Whenever I get a sock from the laundry without the other sock, I keep this sock in the hopes of finding the partner in the future.

I call these socks lost soles.

Why did the heavy boots go to Heaven?

Because they had good soles.

Why don't foot fetishists like redheads?

Because they don't have soles.

^(My bf told me to put this here.)

Sam Adams decides to pay Thomas Paine a visit ...

He knocks, and Tom comes to answer the door. Sam says, "I notice that you use the New York Times instead of a doormat. "Yes," says Tom. "These are the Times that dry mens' soles."

Have you guys heard of the huge fire at the shoe factory?

10,000 soles were lost. The police said some heels started it.

What did the Grim Reaper say when he walked into a shoe shop?

I've come for your soles!

An Irishman goes to buy some wellies

The assistant hands him a pair and he tries one on.
Noticing that he's having difficulty, she gently says:
"Sir, if you look under the soles, you'll see L and R, for Left and Right"
The ponders this for a moment and then blurts out:
"To be sure, beghora, that'll be why me wife's knickers have got C&A written on them!"

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