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Daughter asked me why she can't just quit school..

And I told her parents are required by the law to send kids to school and if they don't then they'll go to jail for breaking the law. My sweet child with a solemn look on her face looked me in the eye and said Mom I'll visit you.

Some old friends were gathered at a table outside the local pub

They were all drinking and laughing, but when a funeral procession came passing by, one of them got up on his feet and stood in solemn sentry until the procession had passed.

I never knew you had so much respect for the dead? one of his friends commented as he sat back down.

Usually I don't, but after all, we were married for 30 years.

A man awakes to find himself in hospital, and soon begins yelling in terror, Oh my god, what's happening? I can't feel my legs!'

The doctor walks in, very solemn, and says, Yes Mr. Johnson, I'm sorry, we had to amputate your arms.

Washington Redskins to change their name

Today, the owner of the Washington Redskins, Dan Snyder, finally agreed to a name change for his team.

Standing at the base of the Washington Monument, Snyder spoke in solemn tones when he announced:

It has taken a while for me to get woke. I now realize how degrading and insulting the team name has been all these years. In the spirit of the times, henceforth the team will now be called the DC Redskins

Spent a solemn day sitting by the wife's grave yesterday

She doesn't know it yet, she still thinks it's a fish pond.

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