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Funniest Solely Short Jokes

Short solely jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The solely humour may include short purely jokes also.

  1. I'm starting a business.... I'm gonna do math tutoring, but solely for midgets. I'm calling it Making The Little Things Count.
  2. A sole and a flounder are swimming in the ocean when they bump into each other. The sole says, "A flounder!" The flounder, to be polite, says nothing.
  3. Why don't foot fetishists like redheads? Because they don't have soles.

    ^(My bf told me to put this here.)
  4. I wanted to start a line of men's shirts made solely out of vegetables. But it doesn't seem that many guys are interested in Crop Tops.
  5. The next time you make fun of a ginger, put yourself in their shoes. You'll know how bad it hurts to not have a sole.
  6. I used to feel guilty about getting rid of old shoes until I realised they were going to a better place. It turns out that shoes have soles.
  7. Why do they sell shoes in pairs? Because they're sole-mates.
    (I made this joke up about a week ago and figured I'd tell it on non-peak hours so I don't get upvoted enough to quit my day job)...
  8. A man takes his shoe off in church... Man 1: *takes off shoe and starts peering inside of it*
    Man 2: "What the problem?"
    Man 1: *Sighs* " I guess i'm just having some problems with my inner-sole "
  9. What's the difference between a politician and an actor? One acts solely for money, the other is the actor.
  10. Due to the recent relaxation of laws in Saudi Arabia, a new chain of fast food restaurants are opening up which are run solely by women.
    It's called Burka King.

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Solely One Liners

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  1. why do buddhists walk around barefoot its good for the sole
  2. Have you heard about the fire in the shoe factory? Hundreds of soles were lost
  3. Yesterday, there was a fire in a shoe factory. Hundreds of soles were lost.
  4. Did you hear about the shoe factory that exploded? Many soles were lost...
  5. What happened when the shoe factory burned down? 500 soles were lost.
  6. My cousin's shoe store burned down yesterday There were so many lost soles.
  7. There was a devastating fire in my shoe shop. So many lost Soles.
  8. I used to work in a shoe-recycling shop. It was sole-destroying.
  9. There was a tragic fire at a Nike factory recently... 800 soles were lost.
  10. Why did the Grim Reaper go to the shoe repair shop? To get some soles!
  11. Why did the Satanic cults' feet hurt? They sold their soles to the devil.
  12. I just heard the inventor of autocorrect died... ...may his sole restaurant in pieces.
  13. What did Kanye do after getting dropped by Adidas? Some Sole searching
  14. What did the Grim Reaper say when he walked into a shoe shop? I've come for your soles!
  15. Why does good footwear go to heaven? Because they have soles.

Solely joke, Why does good footwear go to heaven?

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A horse walks into a bar...

"Why the long face?" asks the bartender...
The horse replies, "I can no longer make ends meet based solely on the royalties from s**... in the City."

I'm so sick of all the right vs left BS! it's all 'the left are so evil all they do is ..' or 'the right is so evil all they care about is ..'

First off, it's divisive and bringing out the worst in people. Completely ruining the country. Secondly, who the h**... really judges people based solely on which Twix they prefer?!

Misc religion based puns

What do you call a horse who doesn't believe in God?
What do you call a pig who believes in the old gods?
A pag-ham.
What do you call a practitioner of Hinduism who solely worships in the morning?
A Hin-dew.
What do you call a caveman unsure it he believes in tools or not?

Men who are liked by girls, solely because of their bank balance...

....should be called Cashanovas

Adolph h**... had a stamp on his desk

It was solely used to RSVP for meetings. The picture resembled a dolphin breaching water. Historians now believe the message was to mean Adolph in.

Every husband is a farmer by default..

his survival solely depends on "Agree"culture

First game using solely IPv6 for multiplayer

Half-Life 3

Did you hear the one about the man who became drunk solely off screwdrivers?

He didn't get hammered. He was s**....

I believe god created the earth solely to amuse himself.

I am a Recreationist.

Every Husband is a farmer by default.

His survival solely depends on "agree"culture...
"Agree"culture increases the GDP (g**... Domestic Peace).
Not my original. Just heard at a party recently. :)

in the wake of the pandemic and failing ratings, AMC's The Walking Dead has changed it's format.

it will now be a reality show shot solely inside America's nursing homes.

The Gardai in Ireland are worried about diversity and are setting up a division consisting solely of black people.

They're called 'The Blaggards'

Solely joke, The Gardai in Ireland are worried about diversity and are setting up a division consisting solely of