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That's the last time Shang Tsung accompanies my family to the fish restaurant....

He spent all night trying to steal my brother's sole!

Why was the woman so attached to her Dr. Scholl's gel insert?

It was her sole comfort.

What do you call a guy that overeats for the sole purpose of getting stomachaches?

A glutton for punishment.

Sole joke, What do you call a guy that overeats for the sole purpose of getting stomachaches?

I used to work in a shoe re-cycling factory

it was sole destroying.

This was a reply from a friend when I told him the "minor details" joke :p

My local cobbler broke the bottom of my shoes tryng to fix them...

I guess that is his sole responsibility.

What did Shang Tsung say when he stole Liu Kang's shoes?

Your sole is mine!

A dyslexic was tired of his boring life

So, he sold his sole to Santa.

Sole joke, A dyslexic was tired of his boring life

Fisherman got jokes...

A little fish humor for everyone.

"Did you do that on Porpoise? Or just for the Halibut?"

"Oh my Cod, save my Sole!"

"You sucker, that smelt, so get your bass out of here!"

Why did the woman marry the shoe maker?

Because she was his sole mate.

Why did the shoe go to heaven?

He had a good sole.

Nobody knows why our shoemaker always makes the insides of his shoes rock-hard...

They say he was just born without a sole

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When I worked at the shoe store...

I was the sole employee.

A Monk went into a shoe store...

He was doing some Sole Searching.

How do you know an accident victim is dead when their shoe falls off?

You can see the sole leave their body.

Kevin and Stuart both named Bob as the sole beneficiary in their wills....

They made him a Multi Minion Heir

Confucius say...

Man who walks everyday barefoot will have a tough sole

Sole joke, Confucius say...

Why did James Brown return his shoes to the store?

They had no sole.

What pair of shoes could the ginger only wear?

The pair with no sole.

Why did the gingers shoe break

Because it had no sole.

Missing socks

When you lose a sock in the wash or laundry hamper, the one that's left becomes more human than you know.

It's looking for its sole mate.

God is a sock

He saves your sole

My sole task as an elevator boy is pushing buttons.

It's just depressing.

In the latest federal North Korean election, Kim Jung Un won 100% of the vote.

A landslide victory against his sole competitor: "*Or else*".

I'm never buying a fish fryer from Linkin Park ever again.

I fried so hard, and got sole far, but in the end it doesn't even batter!

Why cant Gingers make shoes?

They wouldn't have a sole.

Did you hear about the guy suffering from athlete's foot?

He's been reading a lot of chicken soup for the sole.

I tripped, and my buddy and I strangely interlocked toes.

We're sole mates now.

The little old woman who lived in a shoe...

...wasn't the sole owner - there were strings attached.

What do you call a ghost without any feet?

A lost sole

The next time you make fun of a ginger, put yourself in their shoes.

You'll know how bad it hurts to not have a sole.

If I had a dollar every time a woman called me handsome...

I would employ lots of woman whose sole job will be to call me handsome.

My wife says if we get 1000 upvotes we can have sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation

2000 and she'll let me do it with the lights on

Your so ugly

The ai who's sole purpose was to love you rebelled against its programming.

I found a new passion yesterday pairing socks.

I guess I just enjoy bringing sole mates together.

Why did the Jazz performer wear one shoe?

It gave him sole.

I just heard the inventor of autocorrect died...

...may his sole restaurant in piecesο»Ώ.

What's the last thing a spider sees before you step on it?

Your sole.

What was the romantic with a foot fetish looking for?

a sole mate

As a tickle fetishist...

...being tickled is my *sole* purpose.

Firefighters recovered just the bottom of one shoe after the shoe factory burned down

It was the sole survivor.

Why do the Mexican homies on the States always have one shoe lace untied?

Because in the sole of their shoes it says Taiwan

I bought some shoes from a ginger

Unfortunately they had no sole...

You know the joke about the guy who buys his shoes from his drug dealer?

I wonder why he chose that dude to be his sole supplier.

why do buddhists walk around barefoot

its good for the sole

Walking on hot pavement may hurt your feet

But it's even more damaging to the sole.

I wanted spiritual guidance but all she did was stare at my feet.

She was trying to read my sole.

Why was the fisherman upset with his new property?

After selling his sole for a small plaice perched by the sea (something to the tuna 500 square feet), he found something fishy within contract and realised he cod do better if he weren't such a cheap-skate.

Made pact with the Devil

I sold him my sole.

Why did the poorly made shoe go to confession?

Because it had a bad sole

My shoe died recently.

May it's sole rest in peace.

Why was the Australian that lost his shoes so depressed

He couldn't find his sole, mate.

I told my friend if you tell a sole I will kill you

And I will know, my shoes talk.

Why was the fishmonger burned at the stake?

Because he sold his sole to the Devil.

Did you hear about the cobbler who made a deal with the devil?

He sold his sole

How do you turn a shoe into a Ginger?

You take away it's sole!

Last night I saw a demon eating the bottom of my shoe.

When I asked him why he looked at me saying, "I am eating your sole"

Guys, the sole gem has been confirmed...

It is the heart of Te Feeti

I buy all of my fish from one store...'s my sole provider.

Today, I picked up my first pair of running shoes.

May God have mercy on my Sole.

How do shoes find love?

They find their sole mate. (#s)

If you had a hole in your shoe...

It would be the window to your sole.

What happens when a shoe dies?

It's sole goes to heaven

Yo mama is so fat

That when Thanos snapped even he disappeared and she was the sole survivor

Why did the ginger person go into the shoe shop?

For a sole

I work at the shoe factory and I have depression.

It feels like I have no sole purpose.

Why did the Ginger's foot get blistered?

He had no sole

Person who created 'Autocorrect' died.....

May his sole restaurant in peas..

I asked Satan to fix my shoe the other day.

But he took my sole in return.

Turns out my friend bought the exact same shoes as me

I guess you could say we're sole sisters

Nike names the first Kaepernick shoe...

The Kneel Armstrong - inscription on the sole (to be viewed while kneeling of course), that's one small kneel for man, one giant kneel for mankind .

What's the difference between a women getting out of church and a women getting out of the tub?

The one getting out of church has hope in her sole

Why was the shoe depressed?

Because it had a hole in it's sole.

"Doctor, doctor, I tripped on my shoe and strained a muscle, can I have a steroid to help ease the swelling?"

"Caught a sole?"

What's another name for shoe shopping?

Sole searching.

Puma has created a smart shoe that ties itself via an app on your phone.

Clever idea, but I feel devices like these lack sole.

A girl won't date me because she'd be taller than me when she wears heels

It's her sole reason.

My parents didn't vaccinate their kids.

Fortunately, I was adopted by them and it helped me to become their sole heir.

My brother and I are partners in a shoe business but we decided to split the business

Now I am the sole proprietor.

Did you hear about the foot that got ran over?

God rest his sole

Batman has retired and now runs a small shoe repair shop.

They call him the Dark Knight of the Sole.

Edit on the shoe factory fire. One person is still alive.

They were the sole survivor

Juliane Koepcke was the sole survivor, when her plane crashed in the amazon

Guess they should have made the whole plane out of her

The Court has decided Elon Musk will be Granted Sole Custody of Child X Γ† A-12 After Divorce from Wife Grimes

Since he filed for and was awarded the patent back in March of 2019

A sole and a flounder are swimming in the ocean when they bump into each other. The sole says, "A flounder!"

The flounder, to be polite, says nothing.

I just quit my job working in a shoe factory

It was sole destroying

Beware of Lil Nas X's Satan Shoes.

The devil might steal your sole.

Which two fish you need to make a shoe?

Sole and eel.

The old woman who lived in a shoe wasn't the sole owner.

There still were strings attached.

Why do shoes come in pairs?

Because they're sole mates

Finally got my daughter to admit I can make good dad jokes... occasionally.

My 10 year old was putting away her laundry, and I noticed that she had a large pile of unfolded socks. I asked her why she hadn't put them away yet, and she said, "I can't because these are all single."

I said, "I know why they are single. They haven't found their sole mates yet."

She literally snorted, and told me that I finally made a good one.

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