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  1. I'm taking my wife for skydiving. So if you see a solar eclipse today, don't be surprised.
  2. Someone told me you can watch a solar eclipse through a colander I tried but just ended up straining my eyes.
  3. Thankfully, someone created an online resource for everyone who suffered retinal damage watching the solar eclipse. It truly is a site for sore eyes.
  4. Know your eclipses. Earth between sun and moon: Lunar eclipse.
    Moon between sun and Earth: Solar eclipse.
    Sun between moon and Earth: Apoceclypse.
  5. Fun fact: 99% of voters who live in the "path of totality" for the upcoming solar eclipse voted for trump. Which is ironic, because the *last* thing they wanted to do is make the country darker.
  6. A boy asks his father what is the meaning of the Solar Eclipse? The father replies "No son"
  7. What do you call a deaf woman during a solar eclipse. Whatever you want to. It's not like she's going to know.
  8. A solar eclipse is like watching a woman breastfeed in public It's beautiful, it's free, but under no circumstances should you look at it.
  9. A solar eclipse is like a woman breastfeeding It's beautiful, it's natural, it should be celebrated, but that still doesn't mean you should stare at it
  10. Is it a solar or lunar eclipse where the sun passes in front of the moon? Neither. That would be the apoca-clipse.

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  1. Dad can you explain to me what a solar eclipse is No sun
  2. Hey dad, can you tell me what happens during a solar eclipse? Dad: No son.
  3. RIP to all the vampires who got fooled by the solar eclipse.
  4. My son asked, dad, can you tell what a solar eclipse is? I said, no son .
  5. Eclipse is an acronym * Eyes
    * Cannot
    * Look
    * Into
    * Partial
    * Solar
    * Eclipse
  6. What did the buffalo say during the solar eclipse? Bison...
  7. I asked my dad, "could you tell me what a solar eclipse is?" He said, "no sun".
  8. Son: Dad, can you explain to me what a solar eclipse is? Dad: No, son
  9. Dad, "can you tell me what a solar eclipse is?" No sun.
  10. Solar eclipse Son: Dad can you tell me what a solar eclipse is?
    Dad: No sun
  11. Son: Can you explain what is a solar eclipse? Father: No son. No son (No sun)
  12. The next solar eclipse will be in 2024... Three or four presidents from now.
  13. Why is Annie the Orphan crying? There was a solar eclipse.
  14. The solar eclipse was cool to look at and all... But when does this darkness go away?
  15. What do you get when cross-eyed and looking at a solar eclipse? A solar ellipses...

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The government will be giving out special glasses for the solar eclipse

It's called the no child left blind

For those of you in the U.S. who bought those special polarized glasses to view the upcoming solar eclipse

don't be too quick to throw them away, they can also be used to view nuclear blasts...

This monday there will be a solar eclipse at 10am...

Followed shortly after by f**... proceedings for the Flat Earth Society.

I'm really worried about the upcoming solar eclipse.

Because I've always heard that once you go black, you never go back.

The solar eclipse is like my s**... life

it will be dark, hurt your eyes and only last 2 minutes!

Every solar eclipse, children are often reported missing...

Because the parents cannot find their sun.

What do people who make memes and solar eclipses over the US have in common?

It takes them both 38 years to go all the way.

LPT: Scientists are warning against using a colander to view the solar eclipse

It'll strain your eyes

My Grandfather told me "I once looked at a solar eclipse for two seconds without going blind"

He also thought that today America's future looked bright

You can use a cereal box to see the solar eclipse,

But can they see why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch?

NASA has reported a solution for Global Warming

They said they'll keep the Totality Solar Eclipse there for a while while the earth chills out

The solar eclipse is like a woman breastfeeding...

You're not supposed to look, but you know you are going to take a peek.

I'll never forget this solar eclipse, it'll forever be seared into my mind...

...and retinas. I really should've worn some glasses.

LPT: When the next solar eclipse rolls around, you can use a colander to view the eclipse.

Just be sure you don't strain your eyes.

My Dad is like the Solar Eclipse

If i make direct eye contact he'll hurt me, but when it's safe for me to look at him he already left for milk and won't be back for several years.

Directly after witnessing the total solar eclipse, my vision was 180/20... vision was also 180/20 before the eclipse, but still.

I am surprised Trump wanted to look at the solar eclipse today...

Because if he went blind all he would see is black

The solar eclipse is the most exciting thing in my entire life!

Because it lasts longer my s**... life...

I really wish someone would have told me how long this solar eclipse was going to take.

Don't get me wrong, I had been enjoying watching it, but had I know it would still be going on for this long, I would have bought a pair of those fancy NASA glasses.

The solar eclipse was like a one night stand

I spent a whole lot of effort for two minutes of pleasure.

What does a broken c**... and a solar eclipse have in common

They are both major disappointments.

What do you call a piece of mint that's been lying under the sun for an hour?

A solar Eclipse

A _solar_eclipse is when the moon is between the Earth and the Sun. A _lunar_ eclipse is when the earth is between the Moon and the Sun. What's it called when the sun is between the moon and the earth?

The apocalypse…

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