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Good Blonde Joke

A blind guy walks into a lesbian bar and orders a drink. He sits for a while and doesnt hear much so he asks if anyone wants to hear a blonde joke. The bartender says, before you tell your joke I want you to know that there is a big blonde softball player sitting next to you, two blondes that cage fight playing pool behind you, and I myself am a blonde female hockey player...So, do you still want to tell you joke? No. The man replies, not if Im going to have to explain it four times!

The Mermaid Joke

A guy walks into a bar and sees a man at the other end with a very small head, about the size of a softball. He walks up and says, I just have to ask, whats up with your head? The guy with the tiny head says, "I was walking along the beach alone one night and a mermaid appeared. She said that she was magical and can grant me one wish. I hadn't had any luck with the ladies in a long time so my wish was to have sex with the mermaid. She responded that she was a mermaid and it wasnt physically possible for her to have sex with a human. So I responded, how about a little head?"

Why did Cinderella get kicked off the softball team?

Because she ran away from the ball!

Prison joke (NSFW)

First day in prison, a new young prisoner looks scared. Old guy looks at him and says "Are you scared? New guys meekly says "yes". Old guy says "it isn't bad. Do you like baseball?" New guy says "Yes". Old guy say "Every Monday, we have a softball game." Old guy asks "You like movies?". New guy says "Yes". Old guy says "Well every Tuesday, is movie night and they play first run movies." Old guy asks, "Do you like singing?". New guy says "yes". Old guy says, "every Wednesday, we have karaoke." Old guy asks, "Are you a homosexual?" New guy says "Nope." Old guy says, "you not going to like Thursdays."

Jungle animals started a softball league...

The teams are separated by species.

A colorful long beaked bird, not sure where to go, asked an old monkey umpire, where his team was playing.

He replied, "Mongoose vs snakes are on field 1, ants vs frogs play on field 2..."

"Quit monkeying around", the bird chuckled, "I just want to know which field I'm on."

"Species puns, huh?" he replied, "Well toucan play at that game."

I felt betrayed when my girlfriend joined a softball league without telling me

Of all the underhanded things...

Don't date a girl who just got hit in the eye with a softball.

She's a bad catch.

What's Tom Brady's favorite sport?


What game do impotent men play?


I used to date a girl that played softball...

She dumped me because I wouldn't go to second base.

Did you hear about the girl's softball game that turned into an orgy?

It all started when the catcher stuck her finger in the batters box.

A straight girl joins the softball team

It could happen.

The Softball Player

Sally used to play softball, but she could never make it home because of her chastity belt.

What do you call a chickpea that plays softball (Warning, very funny)

A lesbean

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