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One day I'm going to open a furniture store named Sofa King.

That way I can make late night tv commercials and shout our prices are Sofa King low!

My sister and I decided that we want to start our own businesses.

She's going to open a furniture store called 'Sofa King' and I'm going to open a soup restaurant next door called 'Stew Pit'.

There's furniture items that allow SFW swearing.

That's sofa king nice.

If King Awesome sat on a couch

He'd be Sofa King Awesome.

Today I had sex with the couch

It felt sofa king good.

Did you know George III never even bothered to leave his couch during the American Revolution?

He was sofa king comfortable.

repeat the following to become more than you are now:

I am sofa king we Todd Ed

What do you have when lounge chairs multiply?

- Baby Sitters.

Two chaise...

- that's Sofa King Funny!!

There used to be a superhero that could turn into furniture and wore a crown...

He was sofa king cool.

Come on down to Sofa King, we are having a blow out sale, today only!

Our prices are Sofa King low!

Our selection is Sofa King huge!


Cure mom, sofa king hard

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