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I wish Christian guys would make up their minds, one minute they are saying homosexuality is a sin and that sodomy is evil

The next they are telling me how good it felt to let Jesus enter them.

What's the difference between a gay person and a Republican?

The Republican gets butthurt when OTHER people receive sodomy

What's the similarity between sodomy and broccoli?

Even with butter, children will still not like them

Sodomy joke, What's the similarity between sodomy and broccoli?

I found a really good lawyer...

He got my sodomy charge reduced to tailgating.

Q : "Do you the difference between 5 minutess of sodomy and 5 minutes of doggy style ? "

A : "No"
Q : "Do you have 10 minutes ?"

Anti gay protestor: sodomy makes Jesus cry

Counter protesters: sounds like Jesus isn't using enough lube...

I have a friend in Atlanta who was arrested for sodomy.

His lawyer was so good he got it knocked down to following too closely .

Sodomy joke, I have a friend in Atlanta who was arrested for sodomy.

What's the difference between spinach and sodomy?

None really. You can add as much butter as you want, kids just won't enjoy them.

What's the difference between brocoli and sodomy

None, even with butter, children don't like it.

George Takei's contributions to the Gay Community cannot be understated.

He put the O My back in Sodomy.

Sodomy through the ear is a new trend

but now hearing aids are spreading

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5 men and 1 woman are shipwrecked...

...on a deserted island. Food and water is aplenty so with nothing else to do they resort to sex as the only recreation.
After a month of constant sex the woman says:
"I've had enough of this" and kills herself.
After another month the men decide:
"Enough of this necrophilia" and bury the woman.
Another month passes and men decide:
"Enough of this sodomy" and dig up the woman...

There was a mass sodomy at the McDonald farm.

Everyone found out because the pig squealed.

150 people from a Catholic church walked into my restaurant 30 minutes before closing

For people who are against sodomy, they were pretty hypocritical tonight.

What is a pirate's favorite place to drink?

A b*arrr*!

What is a pirate's favorite mode of transportation?

A c*arrr*!

What is a pirate's favorite maritime activity?


Did you hear about the lawyer who was so good that...

he got sodomy charges reduced to tailgating?

Sodomy joke, Did you hear about the lawyer who was so good that...

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