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I was trying to find some spare RAM sticks in our stock room but I couldn't see any...

Because it was SO-DIMM.


Why can't you use RAM as a flashlight?



Why couldnt the laptop see?

Cause it was SoDIMM


I always have the hardest time seeing laptop RAM

It's just that the sticks are sodimm.


What did the tech say to the customer that tried to install their RAM backwards?

You are SODIMM!


Why couldn't the guy building a PC find his RAM?

Because the room's lighting was SO-DIMM.


Why did the laptop memory have such a hard time in school?

Because he was SO-DIMM!


Why is laptop memory expensive?

It's so-dimm expensive!


Why did DRAM flunk his math test?

Because he was SODIMM.


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