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Sociologists say that social media is creating the laziest generation ever.

I expressed my opinion in great detail by hitting the Like button.

Two sociologists came upon a man lying distraught in the gutter after being beaten and robbed ...

As they looked down upon the battered and bleeding body one of them remarked- we must find the people responsible for this terrible attack, they're obviously in desperate need of our help .

I tried to be a sociopath, but I'm not too good in manipulating people.

I'm more of a so-so path.

a sociologist finally solved the mystery of why men tend to die earlier than their respective wives

they want to.

A sociopath walks into a bar

The bartender asks, "What do you feel like having?"


What did the sociopath say to the kleptomaniac?

Im gonna steal your heart.

Why doesn't a sociologist look out the window in the morning?

Because then they'd have nothing to do in the afternoon.

What did the sociopathic cannibal parachutist say?

As soon as the people carrying soup cans in the backpacks arrive we can eat.

Why do sociopaths get beaten up so much?

A lack of empathy

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