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What do you call a clever, socially awkward, bisexual hippie with fancy neckwear who streams Star-Trek?

A shy, wry, bi guy in a fly tie and tie dye watching sci-fi on wifi.

Credits: my bud

What does a socially awkward and depressed frog say?


A socially awkward loner finally landed a job as a mailman. When the people on his route saw a new face, they instinctively wanted to know who he was and he always gave the same response.

Long time lurker, first time poster.

What do you call a clever, socially awkward, bi sexual Hippie with fancy neckwear who streams Star-Trek?

A shy, wry, bi guy in a fly tie watching sci-fi on wifi.

Why are penguins socially awkward?

Because they can't break the ice.

My therapist says I'm socially awkward because I misinterpret what people say to me...

I'm pretty sure she wants me

Socially awkward people would probably make great geologists

cause they're always staring at the ground.

Why did the social awkward man never go to the second storey of his house ?

He couldn't handle the stairs.

A socially awkward guy at a party...

...never knows what to say to women. So a friend suggests asking them if they're married, have any kids.

"Are you married?"


"um...have any kids...?" She gives him a disgusted look, walks away.

He thinks to himself, maybe I did that wrong, let me try it again.

"Have any kids?"


"Are you married...?"

This new software developer is so socially awkward …

… he failed the Turing Test.

Where did socially awkward Nazis get sent?

To the conversation camp!

(That was a part of my shower thoughts and popped spontaneously into my mind)

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Have you heard about that socially awkward chef that only cooks with snake meat?

I'm pretty sure he has Asp burgers.

Non believers say it is impossible for a virgin to have kids...

... but my socially awkward friend Mitchell owns a goat farm - and he has plenty of kids!

Am I right?

Everyone: Eminem is the fastest rapper.

Me listening to the socially awkward kid present in class

A terrorist invites his socially awkward friend to a party

"C'mon," he said, "It'll be a blast."

What do you call a socially awkward person who studies female reproductive systems

A shynecologist

What is the socially awkward guy's favorite food?

A huge Asperger.

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