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Top 10 of the Funniest Social Network Jokes and Puns

Google+ is like the gym of social networking.

We all join it, but nobody uses it.

I'm thinking of starting a social media network for chickens

But not as my full-time job. Just as a way to make hens meet.

I developed a successful chicken social network app to make more money.

I didn't do it for the glory I did it to make hens meet.

Google Plus was the gym of social networking

We all joined but no one ever used it

A Joke from the Heart of Google

One man says to another: I've got a Google+ joke for you.

Second man says: What's that?

"A social network, kind of like Facebook" - World's First, The Largest and Most Popular Technology Social Network, Blogging Platform, Online Communi & Download Zone

Did you hear about the British chap who was just as adept with social niceties as with troubleshooting network systems and software?

He was an 'igh tea specialist.

What is the difference between a dictator and an entrepreneurial networking events organizer?

One capitalizes on socialism and the other socializes on capitalism.

A guy started Social Network rehab centre; It has no computers, no wifi, no mobiles, no tablets

& no customers

If it existed, what kind of social networking site would Jesus use?


What is the most popular social network for ghosts?

Ghoulgle Plus.

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How do you measure the weight of social networks?


Google+ Is The Gym Of Social Networks, We All Have It But Never Use It.

I just found a rock band on a job based social network

Why Jews don't use social networks?

The "share" button is confusing.

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