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A soccer mom walked into a tattoo parlor and asked for a Christmas tree on her left thigh and a turkey on the right thigh.

When they were done the artist asked why she wanted these tattoos.

She replied, "My husband always complains that there's nothing to eat between Thanksgiving and Christmas."

Britons vs. Americans

It's Mom not Mum
It's Chips not Crisps
It's Fries not Chips
It's Color not Colour
It's Soccer not Football
It's Football not Rugby

It's School not Shooting Range.

Life is like soccer

My mom signed me up for it even though I hate it

My mom told me never date a soccer player,

Because there is only a 9% chance they are a keeper.

TIL that vaccines contain a small amount of mercury, a chemical component that leads to autism.

-Idiotic Soccer Mom, 2k16

What do ghetto rats and suburban soccer moms have in common?

They both enjoy the BBC.


It's Mum not Mom
It's crisps not chips
It's chips not fries
It's football not soccer
It's rugby not football
It's school not shooting range!

What did the Buddhist monk say to the Canadian Soccer Mom?

Near van, eh?

What's an aggressive soccer mom?


Life and soccer are like the same...

Because my mom signed me up for it and expects me to try my best even though I freaking hate soccer

I told my dad that all goals are just holes.

He said, "I told your mom that, but now she won't let me bring the soccer ball to bed!"

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