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Wife: "Why are the dishes still in the sink?"

Husband: "Because if I let them soak for long enough, getting them clean will be effortless.


\**Wife rolls eyes*\*


Wife: "Oh forget it. I'll do it myself."


\**Wife goes to wash the dishes*\*


Husband (under his breath): "See? Effortless."

My Favorite Joke (Sorry Cat Lovers)

How do you make a cat go Woof?

Soak it in gasoline and throw it in a fire place!

You know what we should do to all those people who soak up government money and don't work for it?

Kick them outta office!

A man invented the tampon.

Let that soak in.

So you're telling me you don't like foreplay...

but you let your dishes soak for days before finally doing them?

A solicitor walks up to a car

...and says,

"Good afternoon, have you heard the news? There is a tragedy happening. Terrorists kidnapped our President Donald Trump. If they don't receive $100 million in ten hours, they say they will soak Trump in gasoline and set him on fire! And that's why I and others are going around and asking people to donate what they can. Would you like to make a contribution?"

The driver responds,

"Okay, you can take a gallon."

Soaking a twig in coke is nice, but soaking a twig in fanta...

Fanta stick.

Soak joke, Soaking a twig in coke is nice, but soaking a twig in fanta...

How do you make a cat go woof?

Soak it in petrol and strike a light.

How do you make a cat go purple and then go woof?

Soak it in parrafin and strike a light.

How do you make a politician go woof?

No need to do anything, they're already barking mad.

LPT: Easy way to soak up that extra alcohol in your stomach!

Throw up on a sponge.

How do you make a cat bark?

Soak it in lighter fluid, throw a match on it.

Attention: The chemical CHCl3 has been proven to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

So before you leave your home to engage in risky behavior, make sure you soak your mask in chloroform.

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How do you make a cat "woof" like a dog?

Soak it in gasoline and throw it in a fire... Woof

Do you know how to make a cat go woof?

Soak it in gasoline and light it on fire and it goes woof!

Bruno Mars may be drippin' in finesse....

But at 5' 5" it only takes a teaspoon to soak him.

What do you call it when you soak a thumbdrive in vodka and shove it up your keister...

an upload.

We should all just live life like a tampon and maxipad...

And just soak it all in

Soak joke, We should all just live life like a tampon and maxipad...

High school science classes say that "two bodies cannot occupy the same space". Whoever came up with that saying never saw how much butter an English muffin can soak up.

TIL the tampon was invented by a man.

Let that soak in.

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