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Republicans are the true snowflakes...

they're white, they're cold, and if you put enough of em together they'll shut down public schools

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its a joke folks. just a joke.

Friends are like snowflakes...

cold and fleeting.

Women are like snowflakes...

They can't drive.

Snowflakes joke, Women are like snowflakes...

What do you call a blanket of snowflakes?


Massive US Blizzard advancing North

African American community complains about exclusion of black snowflakes.

Friends are like snowflakes...

If you pee on them, they'll dissapear.

What do women and snowflakes have in common?

They both disappear after you pee on them.

Snowflakes joke, What do women and snowflakes have in common?

People are like snowflakes.

If you crush them into a ball and leave them in your freezer overnight, they're dangerous to throw at other people.

snowflakes are like vaginas...

each one unique...

and I like them on my tongue..


United States Snowflakes & Retards.

Snowman puns to celebrate the snowstorm in my area

What do vampires get when they bite snowmen?

What is a snowman's favorite cereal?

Why didn't the snowman answer the question?
"He didn't snow the answer"

What does a snowman like to ride?
"An icicle"

How can you tell a snowman is angry at you?
"You get the cold shoulder... or an icy stare"

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don't make paper snowflakes for a living.

Trust me, you'll have your work cut out for you.

Why are conservatives climate change deniers?

Because they want to melt the snowflakes!

Easily offended people are literally like snowflakes.

Alone, they are harmless. Together, however, they ruin everything good and bad in their way.

Why doesn't Santa have any millennial elves?

Because there are already enough snowflakes at the North Pole.

Why does the alt-right hate snowflakes so much?

It gives them Stalingrad flashbacks.

Snowflakes joke, Why does the alt-right hate snowflakes so much?

For a state that catches fire a lot...

...California sure has a lot of snowflakes.

I'm surprised there aren't more far-righters who acknowledge global warming

I heard it means there'll be fewer snowflakes around.

What's a good holiday tip?

Never catch snowflakes with your tongue until all the birds have gone south for the winter.

People are always saying they want a white Christmas...

But nowadays there are snowflakes everywhere.

You can't really blame Donald Trump for not believing in Global Warming

He's permanently surrounded by snowflakes.

Socks are like snowflakes

You can never find two that are alike.

If it never snows in San Francisco...

Then why are there so many snowflakes!

Women are like snowflakes. They're all unique, and they're all beautiful.

But in the big picture, they're all the same.

I love the sight of falling snowflakes

Serves them right for organizing a march on the road I drive to work

I hate when a generation refuses to work and still expect to receive government checks

Those baby boomers in Congress sure are entitled snowflakes

I know the shutdown is done, but I think this joke is funny and I made it up myself.

What do snowmen eat for breakfast?



How did i know for sure global warming was real?

On the day Trump got elected over 50 million snowflakes melted at once.

Ben Shapiro must really hate winter.

Every other day he's destroying snowflakes.

What do you call a bunch of snowflakes circling a cheeto


Why do a lot of old people move to Florida?

Because they hate liberal snowflakes.

Why don't conservatives believe in global warming?

Because of all the snowflakes.

What do people hate most about Winter?


They ruin everything...

Women Are Like Snowflakes

... beautiful, unique, elegant, and deadly on the road.

Did you hear LA is going to have a white Christmas this year?

It's because of all the snowflakes that live here.

Why doesn't Ben Shapiro like winter time?

Because of the snowflakes

It is December in Ontario...

... and the only Snowflakes I can find are on Facebook.

Humans are just like snowflakes. Each one is unique in its own way

And a large amount of them on my windshield makes it harder to drive.

Why do right wing extremists hate winter?

Because of all the snowflakes

I recently learned that friends are like snowflakes.

If you pee on them, they disappear.

What's the difference between Reddit and the north pole?

The north pole doesn't have as many snowflakes.

How are snowflakes and people similar?

It's hard to drive when they're piled up on the road.

I hear they are calling the riots yesterday 'The Capitol Blizzard'

Makes Sense....
They caused lots of destruction,
Was full of snowflakes,
And a whole lot of White.

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