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Don't ever invest in snowboarding.

That sport is going downhill fast.


Three friends go snowboarding

Three friends go skiing at a ski resort and have a great time.
However, when night descends upon them, they seek shelter at the resort.
They stay up for a little bit telling jokes and talking, then decide to hit the sack.
But once they enter the room that they will be sharing, they realize something was very wrong.
There was only one bed!
So they went and complained to the staff and they told them that was the only room left. Begrudgingly, they decide to just share the bed.
They awaken the next morning all refreshed and happy.
The friend on the left said to the others,"hey guys, I had a dream about getting a handjob, it was the best dream I ever had!" "That's weird, I had the same dream," the friend on the far right said. The friend in the middle said to the others, "Well that surly is strange, for I dreamt I was skiing."


My snowboarding career has really gone downhill.


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