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Some people think a runny nose is funny...

but it's snot.

What do snotty vegetables do when they see something they don't like ?

They 'turnip' their noses.

A lot of people think boogers are funny

But they're snot.

Snot joke, A lot of people think boogers are funny

Is it hard to get a degree in hocking loogies?

Well, it's snot rocket science.

You think it's difficult to plug one nostril and blow out the other?

It's snot rocket science.

Tissues are for tearful issues

and for when people think it's funny but it's snot.

I feel bad for that goober from the Mucinex commercials.

It's not his fault he's a little snot.

Snot joke, I feel bad for that goober from the Mucinex commercials.

Why did the nose run?

It did snot want to be late

Don't kiss your wife with a runny nose.

You might think it's funny, but it's snot.

No laughing matter.

Some people think it's funny when you're nose is wet and runny, but it's snot.

A bogey man who's a pretty good guy is...

Snot Bad.

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I bet you think it's funny when...

I bet you think it's funny when I have a runny nose. It snot.

What did the snot say to the nose?

I gotta run.

If you're kissing on your honey and your nose is sort of runny,

you make think it's funny, but it snot.

I have a cold

Its snot good.

My dad thinks its attractive when mucus rolls out of his nose.

It's snot.

Snot joke, My dad thinks its attractive when mucus rolls out of his nose.

People think they're being polite when they sneeze into their sleeves, but really

it' snot

One big nose said to the other big nose...."Um I think something is dripping out of you..."

And the nose replied, "NO it is snot"!!

You may think it's funny, to kiss your Honey, when their nose is runny, but

It's snot!

Don't pick your nose and eat it, it may look tasty...

But it's snot.

I was going to go out in the cold today

but it snot worth it.

Did you hear about the sale on snot at the body fluids store?

It was a blow out

Is that a booger?

No it's (s)not.

If you think having a runny nose is fun...

Well, it snot

Why did Big Shaq snort Tabasco...?

Because man's snot hot.

One time one acid

I sneezed and uncontrollably laughed for atleast 20 minutes because all I could think about is "snot that funny"

I sneezed and my kids laughed

I yelled "you think it's funny but it's snot".

My wife says she coughs up a bunch of phlegm every morning.

I told her that's snot, ladylike.

Name one movie you really DON'T want to watch

Noserunner - Director's Snot

When you're out with a honey and your nose is a-runny,

Don't think it's funny 'cause it's snot.

I've recently had a bad cold

The other day I thought I had gushes of blood running out my nose so I ran to the doctor. Apparently it snot.

I feel like my nose is bleeding.

It's snot though.

Losing my virginity was a lot like my first football game

There was blood and snot everywhere, but at least my dad came

From my 5 year old...

What is another name for a nose?

A double-barrel snot gun.

Just sneezed all over my toast

I can't believe it snot butter.

I thought it was an oyster

But it's snot.

Someone said to me that my hair gel looked like snot:

I replied: "No! It's not!"

What do you get when you pick a pig's nose?


My 8 year old told me this one, i told him it was snot funny.

This morning i sneezed all over my toast while eating it...

I can't believe it snot butter...

Never kiss your hunny when her nose is runny

you may think it's funny but it's snot

My 1 year old was eating dinner and his runny nose got on his food.

My wife goes: "uh, yea the snot really makes it"

I replied: "A little sneezoning."

I don't think I've seen her eyes roll so hard.

What do you call pig snot?


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