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Got fired from my tech support job

..When I had a customer phone up explaining they had a problem; spilt coke on their laptop.

"What's the problem? Can't you just snort it as usual?" didn't go down too well.

Did you hear about the guy who needed to snort a line of baking soda every day?

He was basically addicted.

Why did the blonde snort splenda?

She thought it was diet coke.

Snort joke, Why did the blonde snort splenda?

What's a joke that you invented?

Here's mine:

Did you hear about the guy who had to snort a line of baking soda every day?

He was basically addicted.

I Tried Snorting Coke once...

... but the ice cubes got caught in my nose.

Why did the blond snort NutraSweet?

She thought it was diet coke.

I never spend all my money on drugs...

I always keep a dollar bill to snort them.

Snort joke, I never spend all my money on drugs...

(Sorry in advance, dad joke) What happens when you snort space dust?

You see stars!

Even I groaned at that. Sorry.

What type of stories do cocaine addicts write?

Snort stories

Two men learn the lessons of why not to snort curry powder like cocaine!

One's got a dicky tikka and the other's in a deep korma.

Why did the blonde snort nutrasweet?

She wanted diet coke.

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I snorted coke and meth, smoked four blunts, and injected heroin today...

...and this guy at the auction house is STILL saying im not the highest bidder.

Why did Big Shaq snort Tabasco...?

Because man's snot hot.

I tried snorting coke for the first time

I didn't like it, the bubbles tickled

My uncle always tells me I shouldn't snort coke

He says I'll get ice cubes stuck in my nose.

Kids these days are eating tide pods? I mean I used to snort lines of tide...

but I'm all clean now

Snort joke, Kids these days are eating tide pods? I mean I used to snort lines of tide...

If you snort coke, you get high. If you snort flour... get baked.

...frighteningly, my 5th grader came up with this while we were having a discussion about drugs and what he might end up seeing in Middle School next year.

Do fish smoke seaweed?

That wouldn't make any sense, they're underwater. They snort it

If you want to lose weight stop drinking coke.

Snort it instead.

What happens when you snort 12 lines of cocaine in Mexico?

You over Doce

I just snorted kool-aid powder

Still eating for the punch line

I snorted curry powder once.

It nearly put me in a korma.

i snorted my nans ashes once

not all of it, just half a gran

Have you ever tried snorting cocaine using Penne?

It gets to your blood stream pasta

Why didn't the trains at the station leave after the passengers boarded?

If they wanted to leave, they would have gone to the leavetion.

I apologize, it's a terrible joke. But I made it up on the spot and it caused my daughter to snort the bean sprout she was eating into her nose.

What's the difference between a snort and a sniff?

Nobody knows the answer yet.

Jokes about cocaine do not make me laugh

But a good one liner will make me snort

I don't always enjoy jokes about cocaine.

But some one liners make me snort.

I rarely find cocaine jokes funny.

But occasionally, an one-liner makes me snort.

What do you get when you snort Kool-Aid powder?

A punchline

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