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  1. English is not first language want to try joke from my country Why did snoop dog not have a pretty green American yard?
    Because he don't love no hose.
  2. Many people think that if Snoop was an animal, he'd be a lion or a dog. But personally, I think he'd be a puffin.
  3. Why does the snoop dog bring an umbrella? Why does the snoop dog bring an umbrella?
    For the drizzle
  4. If snoop dog was a pokemon, would he be a grass type?
  5. Why does Snoop Dog like bacon? For sizzle!
  6. Why does Snoop Dog carry an umbrella?
  7. Snoop Dog has released a new brand of laundry detergent... It's called Bleatch!
  8. What would be the best thing about being friends with Snoop Dog? You'd have friends in high places.
  9. Why did Snoop Dog go to cinnabon? Fo' Drizzle
  10. Me and snoop dog worked together. It was a joint project

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  1. Why does Snoop Dog use an umbrella? Fo' drizzle.
  2. Why does Snoop Dog carry an umbrella? Fo drizzle, my nizzle.
  3. In Soviet Russia we also have a Snoop Dogg. But he just regular dog who work for KGB.
  4. Why did Snoop Dog bring an umbrella? Fo'Drizzle
  5. Why isn't snoop dogs lawn green? Cuz he don't love no hose
  6. Why DIDN'T Snoop Dog need an umbrella? Faux drizzle.
  7. Q. What is Snoop Dog's favorite weather?
    A. Drizzle
  8. What's Snoop Dog's favourite tool? A chisel
  9. Why can Snoop Dog easily win fights? He has the high ground.
  10. What do you call a dog that goes through your stuff? Snoop dog.
  11. Why did Snoop Dogs grass die? Cuz he don't love no hose.
  12. What do you call a dog that sniffs out drugs? Snoop Dogg
  13. Why doesnt snoop dog ever water his garden? Cuz he don't love hose
  14. Why do Snoop Dog need an umbrella? The drizzle my nizzle
  15. What do you call bomber version of Snoop Dog? B-52 (High Altitude Bomber)

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What's Snoop Dog's favorite thing about catalogs?

The perusal.

What's Snoop Dogs favorite type of weather?


Does Snoop Dog wear and apron when he cooks?

Yes, for sizzles.

What does snoop doggy dog use to do his laundry?

Answer in comments.

Corny Jokes

What kind of bees produce milk?
Why does snoop dog carry an umbrella?
-- fo drizzle
What's black and rhymes with snoop?
--Dr. Dre
Why don't you play poker in the jungle?
-- Too many cheetahs
What did 50 cent say to his grandma when she have him a sweater for Xmas??
-- Gh, Gh, Ghee, U Knit..

I wonder if the Twin Towers and Snoop Dog were best friends.

They both smoked a lot.

What office supply store does snoop dog go to?

Office da p**...

If w**... becomes legalized after Snoop Dog dies

He'll be rolling in his grave

The White House Christmas tree and Snoop Dog

Two things that are gonna be lit tonight

What do you call a snooping dog ?

Snoop Dogg

I heard Snoop Dog has an IQ of 147

That's really high.

If Snoop Dog dies before m**... becomes legal in the States

He'll be rolling in his grave.

Why did Snoop Dog win the auction?

He was the highest bidder.

What did Snoop Dog use to get his w**... whiter?


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