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My teacher told me to turn in my essay

But I ain't no snitch

I told my Mexican student to turn in his essay

He said "I ain't no snitch!".

Our boss just banned overly specific nicknames

and the whole office is staring at Rat Snitch Brian The Good Time Ruiner

Snitch joke, Our boss just banned overly specific nicknames

Living in the northeast, I don't normally get mad about snow.

But this snitch ass weatherman just let my wife know what six inches actually looks like.

I'm not a snitch!

But he is!

How is prison like quidditch?

The game ends when they catch the snitch

What did the mexican student say when he was asked to turn in his essay?

I ain't no snitch.

Snitch joke, What did the mexican student say when he was asked to turn in his essay?

Why don't they let gansters play Quidditch?

Cause gangsters always catch the snitch!

Apple missing.

The local minister sees that every morning, some apples on his tree are missing. He makes a sign:

God sees everything.

The next morning, somebody writes under it: Yes, but he's not a snitch.

My Spanish teacher asked me to turn in my essay

But I ain't no snitch

The son of a mexican father comes home from school

The father asks

"How was school boy?" to which the son replies

"Bad, I got detention today" the father was shocked

"For what?" he asked

"Well the teacher told me turn in my ese, but I ani't no snitch"

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My teacher told me to hand over my essay

But I don't snitch on my homies

My doctor says I have the body of a 20 year old.

Damn snitch.

The teacher told his Mexican student to turn in his essay...

To which he replied, "Nah, man. I ain't no snitch."

What's the difference between an eagle and a snitch?

Nothing, they both talon you.

Here all night.

Harry Potter could make a great mafia boss

He always catches the snitch

Snitch joke, Harry Potter could make a great mafia boss

A girlfriend decides to teach her boyfriend what 69ing is...

She proceeds to snitch him out to the police.

A Mexican boy was in class

When the teacher said, "ok class, turn in your essay. "
The Mexican boy Responded.
"Nah, fam, I aint no snitch. "

What did the skeleton mafia boss say to the snitch?

I got a bone to pick with you!

Ever heard of the Mexican that was told to turn in his essay ?

He didn't cause he ain't no snitch

Why do miners make good accomplices?

They don't snitch. They're good at mining their own business.

How are snitches so polite?

They always say police and thank you

Snitching is common in Thompkins Square Park

It's full of rats

Why don't gangsters play quidditch?

They always just kill the snitch.

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