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How do you know that a sniper likes you?

He misses you.

Is it okay to compare a man getting the snip with a woman getting her tubes tied?

After all, there isn't a vas deferens between the two ovum

What does the sniper say to his gf after a breakup?

I won't miss you.

Snip joke, What does the sniper say to his gf after a breakup?

What did the sniper say to his wife when he came back from work?

I missed you

Why do snipers always close one eye when they aim?

Because they can't aim if they close two.

How do you know a sniper likes you?

He has you in his sights and takes you out.

Did you know the world's first sniper was Mexican? He even inspired the Sniper motto.

Juan shot, Juan kill.

Snip joke, Did you know the world's first sniper was Mexican? He even inspired the Sniper motto.

Two snipers are going through the desert when all of a sudden they come under fire...

"Spotter"... says the shooter, "find out where those shots are coming from!"

So the spotter takes out his scope and starts panning round... "I think I found them. There is a small shrub, covered in bacon, gammon, and pork chops"

"That's them..."says the shooter... "it's a ham-bush!"

What did the sniper say when asked if he ever had to shoot someone he knew?

"Yea it was a long distance relationship."

Snipe hunting joke

The snipe hunt is a sort of fool's errand or wild-goose chase in which older adolescents take younger boys into the wilderness for the supposed purpose of “snipe hunting.”

The victim is tricked into engaging in a hunt for an imaginary creature. While snipe are actual birds, a snipe hunt is a quest for an imaginary creature.

Why do snipers close 1 eye when aiming?

If they closed both they wouldnt be able to see

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Why'd the sniper starve to death?

He only had 50 cals on him.

What did the mohel say at little Sigmund's bris?

"Looks like I've made a Freudian snip!"

What did Aang say right before Appa was going to be neutered?

Appa, snip snip!

There was a sniper here

Anybody s..

A sniper was getting interviewed

One of the questions they asked him was, "What do you feel when you kill someone?"

The sniper just looks at them and says, "Recoil."

Snip joke, A sniper was getting interviewed

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