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Top 10 of the Funniest Snickers Candy Jokes and Puns

An emotionally unstable man walks into a 7-11

He browses the candy section and decides to buy a Snickers bar. His total is $1.29. He pays with a $20 bill and tells the cashier to keep whatever is leftover.

"Are you sure?" The cashier says.

"I don't like change." the man replies.

What does candy do when you tell it a joke?

It Snickers.

How does a candy bar laugh?

It snickers

Dog and a Candy Bar

How is a dog before he goes into the vet like a Snickers, and after he comes out of the vet like a Milky Way?

They are both the same, just without the nuts.

A man wakes up late one night to find his wife eating candy.

The man says "Honey, why are you eating that this late at night?"

and his wife replies with "Because unlike you, Snickers satisfies me."

Credit to Ronnie Serrano.

The Whale Joke

Two whales are on a road trip, and they decide to stop at a gas station to get some snacks.

So they go into the candy aisle,

And they pass the snickers,

They pass the kitkats

The skittles,

The starburst,

The airheads,

The milky ways,

And finally they see the m&ms.

And one whale says to the other:


And the other whale says:


I thought more people would laugh at my candy joke...

But all I heard was a few snickers.

I love getting Halloween candy...

It makes me Snicker(s).

What's the KKK's least favorite candy-bar?


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