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What does a sneezing nut sound like?


Kim Kardashin flour bombing incident

Police called off the search for the person who flower bombed Kim Kardashin.

They learned it was just Lindsey Lohan sneezing

What sound does a sneezing gargoyle make?


woman constantly keeps sneezing and goes to see the doctor. She tells him, "Doctor, I constantly keep sneezing, and every time I sneeze, I have an orgasm."The doctor asks, "What are you doing for it?"

The woman replies, "Sniffing pepper."

I can see a woman sneezing on the escalator.

I think she's coming down with something.

What do you call a sneezing fit?

A sneezure

I couldn't stop sneezing after lunch today.

...I ate a sneezer salad.

(Also this is a true story, and I said this to my office :P)

What did the cashew say to the sneezing peanut?

"Yes, what is it?"

What do you call a sneezing Jew ?

a jewwwwwwwww

What do you call a sneezing nut?


I was walking behind a girl late at night

I open silently the bottle of chloroform so she doesn't freak out.
I put out my tissue,
put chloroform on it,
clean my nose,
and pass out

I'm not a smart man

I saw a flying pig! He was coughing and sneezing though, so I killed him.

After all, the swine flu!

My friend couldn't stop sneezing and I said, "man, your nose is like a shotgun with unlimited ammo!"

He said, "It's ah.. ahh.. an-an-allergy"

I said, "no, simile".

Why was the chef's wife sneezing in bed?

He was trying to spice up his sex life

What's the height of loneliness?

Every time after sneezing, I say "God bless me"

If sneezing means someone's thinking about you...

I guess that explains why I never got sick before

Why does sneezing feel so good?

It's a blessing.

What do you call a sneezing virgin?

A Goesintight

There's nothing worse that sneezing while peeing

for whoever comes after you.

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