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What do you call a sneaky cow?


I woke up last night from a noise somewhere in the house.

My wife turned to me and whispered "It must be a thief. Go downstairs and check."

Reluctantly, i went downstairs. I checked every room but couldn't find the thief.

I knew this sneaky guy was hiding somewhere but where?

Then i remembered- i don't have a wife.

With the massive downturn in international travel, aircraft manufacturer Fokker has started developing planes for the military. Their latest is a small, super stealthy reconnaissance plane that is almost undetectable!

It's called the Sneaky Little Fokker.

Farts are like ninjas because…

They're sneaky, they're dangerous, and if you see one, something has gone terribly wrong.

A Twos-Day Special

A Two was walking down the street, minding his own business, as another Two sneakily followed him. The Sneaky Two jumped on the other Two's back who shrieked: ahhh, you squared me .

What do you call a sneaky criminal that thinks he's superior to everyone walking down the stairs?

A condescending con descending.

What kind of salad dressing does a sneaky burglar use?

Hidden Alley Ranch.

Why should you be wary of Ash Ketchum when you're taking a shower?

Cos he might have a sneaky Pikachu

You have to be really sneaky to get a girl pregnant

The trick is to never let them know that you're coming.

Saying "Oh, look, here comes the jew laywer" is neither racist nor an insult. It's a compliment.

Everyone knows jewish people make the best lawyers. Because they're sneaky. And greedy.

Did you hear about the cunning joke teller with amnesia?

He pulled a little sneaky on you.

Did you hear about the cunning joke teller with amnesia?

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what type of shoes does a sneaky thief wear?


The least sneaky person I've met is Alan Glasscock...

You could always see him coming.

I'm writing a book on how to be sneaky...

...It's a lurk in progress.

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