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Urgent message to all older men...

There has been a terrible spate of robberies by a gang of young women. Their MO is to pull you over on the road and hitch a ride. They always wear skimpy bikinis, then start to rub themselves on you while you're driving in order to distract you. One of them then sneakily steals your wallet. I have already lost four wallets this week. But you can buy cheap wallets at the dollar store.

A Twos-Day Special

A Two was walking down the street, minding his own business, as another Two sneakily followed him. The Sneaky Two jumped on the other Two's back who shrieked: ahhh, you squared me .

What does Sean Connery call a bus that drops people off sneakily?


Sodium lost its electron...

... and its loving best friend, Chlorine, who had sneakily stolen its electron, asked Sodium if it was sure it had lost its electron. Sodium responded, "I'm positive it was stolen." Chlorine retorted with false disbelief, "You salty cation."

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