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What do you call a guy thats half Mexican and half Chinese that wears only one sneaker?

Juan Chu

Guy walks into a bar completely naked...

except for a beat up old sneaker on one foot. He sits down at the bar and says to the bartender Hey man, can I get a beer?

The bartender shakes his head in disbelief, pours him a beer, and hands it to him. The bartender says Sir uh... I can't help but notice... you seem to have lost a shoe.

The man replies Nah dude I found one!

Why did the tennis shoe walk away quietly?

It was a sneaker. :)

what goes thump thump thump squish thump thump thump squish

a Caterpillar with one wet sneaker.

What do you call someone that steals shoes?

A sneaker.

Why were the sneakers so sad?

Because they had ten issues.

I was trying on my new sneakers my husband bought me the other day...

Me: But, do they make my feet look big??

5-year old son: If I was your husband I'd say no. But yes.

Sneaker joke, I was trying on my new sneakers my husband bought me the other day...

What is the difference between a creeper and a sneaker?

A creeper acts in poor taste; a sneaker tastes poor.

What is Thanos' favorite sneaker brand?

New Balance.

Why did the sneakerhead go to the hospital?

His shoe was laced :)

why did the little shoe cry?

Because his mommy was a sneaker and his daddy was a loafer with only a penny to his name!

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What's the stealthiest type of footwear?

A sneaker.

What do Sneakers and Jews have in Common?

They're more common in 39 than 45.

What did the sneaker say to the cat?


There are hype beast and sneaker heads,

But what about flip flop freaks?

You can't use your sneaker as a phone

The reception stinks.

Sneaker joke, You can't use your sneaker as a phone

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