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My employees are developing weaponized crocodiles.

I told them to make it snappy.

Ironically, the only way you could get me to watch 50 shades of gray is if you tied me up and forced me to watch it.

There was this guy who had a pet centipede.

One day, he said, go get the paper, and make it snappy! Half an hour later, he goes outside, sees the centipede and says, didn't I say to make it snappy ? The centipede replies, I had to put on my shoes!

Snappy joke, There was this guy who had a pet centipede.



any jokes about electronic cigarettes?

I've recently started using one and every single person asks about it, why i use it, do i prefer it, etc, and i'd love to have a snappy joke or two to throw out about it!

A Colonel's wife was walking her dog in a military base.

She was pleased by the snappy salutes she received from a couple of soldiers who passed by.

The effect was lost when she overheard one soldier ask the other, "who is she?" and the other answered, "Don't know...but it is the colonel's dog!"


So, I'm having dinner with my Uncle at this chic restaurant. As he closed the menu shut, he says to the waitstaff I'll have the turtle soup and make it snappy!

Snappy joke, Dinner

A guy walks into a restaurant and orders a rubber band sandwich ...

He says And make it snappy

Just remembered my favourite dad joke of all time.

"Bring me a crocodile sandwich and make it snappy."

Why did it take only one movie for Thanos to get all of the infinity stones?

Because he wanted to make it snappy.

A man walked into a bar...

He saw a sign that read "we sell all kinds of sandwiches"

The man says to the barman "Give me an Alligator Sandwich....and make it snappy!!"

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What do you get when you cross an alligator and a bookshelf?

Snappy titles

I wrote a song about cutting down trees.

It's not a snappy tune, it just lumbers along.

Knew a guy who fashioned an entire suit out of rubber bands.

He was quite the snappy dresser.

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