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What are some Snape jokes?

Why couldn't Snape be a Herbology teacher?

Because he wasn't able to keep the Lilies alive.

Why can Severus Snape never become a gardener

His lilies always die

Why does snape teach potions and not herbology?

He can't keep a Lily alive.

Have you ever wondered why Severus Snape taught Potions and not Herbology?

It's because his Lily died.

Why does Snape teach potions and not Herbology?

Because his Lily died

Harry Potter joke

Q. Why can't Snape teach Herbology?
A. He can't keep the lilies alive.

Cancer is officially as bad as Voldemort.

They both killed Snape.

I recently got a new spoiler on my car...

It reads, Snape kills Dumbledore.

What did Dumbledore say to the potions teacher at Hogwarts when he fired him?

This is your severance snape.

How does Severus Snape sneak up on a Gryffindor?

By slitherin'.

If Snape got fired...

Would he receive a Severus package?

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