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What does a hungry muslim say?

Allahu Snackbar!

What's a Muslims favourite place to eat?

Allahu Snackbar

Where do terrorists go to get a bite to eat?

the Allahu snack-bar.

Snackbar joke, Where do terrorists go to get a bite to eat?

What did the Hawaiian terrorists say when they blew up a restaurant?


What is Muhammad's favorite restaurant?

The Allahu Snackbar

What do you get if you cross Islam and Capitalism? v2

Allah's Snackbar.

Where did Mohammed take his wife of their trip to Hawaii?

To The Aloha Snackbar

Snackbar joke, Where did Mohammed take his wife of their trip to Hawaii?

I'm going to open an ISIS themed cafe called Allahu Snackbar - our food is the bomb.

Where do Jihadists get their snacks?

At the Allah hu snackbar.

What did the muslim man say when he arrived at his resort in Hawaii?

Aloha Snackbar!

Where do Isis go to for lunch?


Serving pork 24/7

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A new vending machine opened up at isis headquarters today...

It was called the allahu snackbar.

Where do ISIS fighters go to purchase soda and candy?

Allahu snackbar!

What is ISIS's favorite candy bar?

Allahu Snackbar, it's flavor is explosive.

What do you call a table of Middle Eastern hor d'oeuvres?

Allahu Snackbar

A fat Hawaiian man recently converted to Islam

Aloha Snack-bar

Snackbar joke, A fat Hawaiian man recently converted to Islam

Where did the terrorist go when he got hungry?

The Allahu Snackbar

What do you call a candy store run by Isis?

The Allah Snackbar

What do you call a muslim opening a bar in Hawaii?

Aloha Snackbar.

isis is marketing their version of kitkat

they're calling it allahu snackbar

What do you call a concession stand operated by Isis?

Allahu Snackbar

A Muslim opens a cafe in Hawaii called Aloha Snackbar

Business is booming.

What did the Hawaiian wearing a hijab say as he approached the buffet?

Aloha snack-bar

What do French Muslims shout when they're hungry?

A la snackbar

The word jihad gets a bad rap, but really it's just the Arabic word for struggle.

Trying not to overeat at Golden Corrall? Now that is jihad.

Allahu Snackbar.

What does a Muslim Viking say at the movie theater?

Valhalla Snackbar!

What does a Hawaiian Muslim who own a buffet say?

Aloha Snackbar

Yo Mama so fat

If she were in Star Wars she would be Admiral Snackbar

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