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Tide has some serious ad time during the superbowl this year

Must be able to afford it after cornering the teenage snack food market

What snack did the pirate bring to the Super Bowl party?

Chips Ahoy

What is the difference between a Ritz cracker and a lesbian?

One is a snack cracker and the other is a crack snacker.

Snack joke, What is the difference between a Ritz cracker and a lesbian?

while getting ready for the hurricane I noticed there was less people in the snack isle than the water isle...

I'm just kidding, I live in America.

What is a drug addicts favorite snack?


What's a dragon's favorite snack?

A firecracker!

A little boy wants his toy,

A little boy wants his toy, so he walks up to his mother and says "Mom, give me my toy." His mother responds by saying, "What are the magic words?" So the little boy says the magic words and his mom gives him his toy.

The next day, the little boy starts kindergarten. At snack time, the little boy wants some juice, so he walks up to his teacher and asks for a juice box. The teacher says "What are the magic words?" So the little boy says the magic words. But the teacher gets upset, and calls the little boy's mother and asks her to come in.

When the three of them are sitting in the room together, the teacher asks the mother; "Have you been teaching your son sarcasm?"

"No," the mother says, "Why, what did he do?"

"Well, he asked for a juicebox," said the teacher, "and I asked him to say the magic words, and instead of saying please, he said 'you're thin and you're beautiful.'"

Snack joke, A little boy wants his toy,

He raised a pretty good question, actually.

A man and his soon-to-be ex wife were fighting in court over the custody of their young girl. Asked by the judge to present an argument in his favor, the man says: "Well, your Honour, if you slide a coin into a vending machine and a snack comes out, is the snack yours, or the machine's?"

A little girl went with her father to the barber to get his hair cut....

...and her father gave her a snack cake to keep her quiet.

As she she frolicked around the barber shop with it, the barber warned, "Little girl, you are going the get hair on your Twinkie!"

She replied, "I know! I'm gonna grow boobies too!"

2 plants are hanging out

One says to the other, " you hungry?"
To which the other replies, "yes, I could go for a light snack."

What is a priest's favorite snack?

Little boysenberries.

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U.S. vending machines to begin displaying calorie information to encourage smarter snack choices.

Machines' reflective glass surface not doing the trick.


While babysitting, I was preparing a snack for my best friends daughter. Wasn't sure what I should give her, and noticed I had a lot of fruit. So I asked her "What's your favorite fruit?" She looked at me with complete seriousness, and said "loops".

What's Santa's favorite snack?

A crisp Pringle

What is Doctor Who's favorite snack?


I heard that there was a new food court in Coruscant

Its called Admiral Ackbar's Admirable Snack Bar

Snack joke, I heard that there was a new food court in Coruscant

What is a professors favourite snack?

Academia Nuts.

Overheard my boss say this to our secretary..

What's the difference between a Triscuit and a lesbian?

One is a snack cracker, the other is a crack snacker.

What's Bill Cosby's New Favorite Snack?


What is a white supremacist's favorite snack?


What do computers snack on?

micro chips

What is an adulterers favorite snack?


When professors with tenure need a quick snack

Do they eat academia nuts?

What's my favorite machine at the gym?

The snack machine.

Did you hear about the overweight terrorist?

His dying words were "Allahu snack bar!"

To bring a girl home,I just whisper in her ear "You know,if i get excited,It can touch the bottom of the Pringles Can"

I can see her eyes light up with excitement and thank the Pringles company for introducing the new Snack size cans.....

What is a firewalker's favorite snack?


Duck Jokes

What do you call a duck addicted to crack?
A quack head.

What is a ducks favorite snack?

Why couldn't the duck drive his car?
His windshield was quacked.

What's a Muslim's favorite place to grab a snack?

Allah carte

Why did the plant say after being watered?

"I'm not hungry exactly, but I could still use a light snack".

Going to mass is basically just like a dog being trained

A guy tells you to sit and stand and sit and stand, and at the end they give you a snack

A suicide bomber walks into a bar

But he doesn't blow up, because it's an Allahu snack bar.

What's a Canadian Tusken Raider's favorite snack?


What is zombie's favorite hiking snack?

Entrail mix

What does an actor eat for breakfast?

Prop tarts.

Bonus: What does an actor eat for a snack?

A: Prop corn.

What is Stephen Hawking's favorite snack?

His left shoulder

I'm opening up a snack shop in DC.

I'm opening up a snack shop in DC. We will serve things like:

Triple fudge brownie sunday with double whipped cream, only 100 calories!

Cheesy deep fried nachos, more vitamins and less fat than a salad!

I'll call my shop "Alternative Snacts".

What do a cheezit and a hungry white stoner have in common?

Both are baked snack crackers.

Chuck Norris has a kitten

Every night for a snack

5 easy steps for eating healthier today

1. Go to kitchen
2. Look around in search of healthy snack
3. See cake sitting on counter
4. Eat all of it
5. Leave kitchen

( อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ)

What does a fat terrorist say?

Aloha snack bar.

At snack time at a Catholic elementary school there was a tray of apples. A note beside them read "Take only ONE. God is watching." At the other end of the table was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies. A child had written a note,

"Take all you want. God is watching the apples."

What is Darth Vader's favorite snack?

(Breathe heavy for effect)


Why did the man stick a lightbulb in his mouth?

He wanted a light snack

What is the official snack food of the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots?


What do you get when you cross a terrorist and a Hawaiian food truck?

Aloha snack bar!

I'm sorry

Don't you just love a late night snack?...

Apparently the guy next door doesn't cause he called the police when he found me in the pantry.

My daughter packed a light bulb in her lunch box this morning.

I asked her, "why did you put that in there?"

She replied, "I want a light snack."

What do you call a gay little person.

A fruit snack.

Are you a tide pod?

Because you're lookin' like a snack but you're really just toxic to everyone.

what was Steven Hawkins favourite snack?

his right shoulder

I found a hair in my Snack Pack.

It was off-pudding.

I was playing an Online game with a friend....

I was playing an Online game with a friend and he went afk, he came back a few seconds later and over the mic he said "Sorry, that was my wife, she brought me a snack". I said "I really wish I had one of those". My friend said "yeah, having a wife is pretty nifty" to which I replied "No, I was talking about the snack."

What is St. Paul's favorite snack?


What do you call a really fat Asian snack?

A four-chin cookie.

What does the robot eat for a snack?

Computer chips

Why did the scientist eat photons after lunch?

He needed a light snack

Why do IT people always have snacks in their desks?

You try playing with chips and managing cookies all day and not want a snack.

Popcorn is the gayest snack...

Because you're eating busted nuts.

Why wouldn't the shrimp share his snack?

He was shellfish.

A little girl goes to the barber shop with her father.

She stands next to the barber chair, while her dad gets his hair cut, eating a snack cake.

The barber says to her, "Sweetheart, you're gonna get hair on your Twinkie."

She says, "Yes, I know, and I'm gonna get boobs too."

Q. Why did the robot eat a light bulb?

A. Because it wanted a "light" snack.

After a long day of duck hunting I was famished... so I decided to sit down, put my feet up, and have my favorite snack...

Cheese and quackers.

I asked my Pillow if it wanted a snack

It said No, thanks I'm stuffed

What is a skeletons favorite snack?


My son wanted me to post this one too!

Happy Halloween!

Dark humor warning: What do cannibals call children?

The snack that smiles back

What's a phoenix's favorite snack?

Fire crackers

What did one lab rat say to the other?

*"I've got my scientist so well trained that every time I push the buzzer, he brings me a snack."*

A couple go to prom.

The girl says, let's get our photo taken. So they wait in the photo line and get their photo taken.

She says, go find us a table. So he waits in the line to get a table and gets a table.

While sitting, she says, get me a snack. So he goes to stand in the snack line and gets a snack.

She's thirsty and says, go get me some punch. He goes, but there isn't a punchline.

Why do plants use photosynthesis?

So they can have a light snack

What is Amber Heards favourite snack

A Saltine

A Rabbi, a priest, and a preacher are out in a boat one day.

The rabbi tells the two he's hungry, so he steps out of the boat and walks across the water to land, where he claims his snack.

Shortly later the priest decides he's thirsty, so like the rabbi, steps out the boat and walks across the water to land, getting a bottle of water.

The preacher seeing this decides he could go for a snack and a drink, and tries to do the same as the rabbi and priest. As soon as he exits the boat, he immediately plunged into the water.

On land, the rabbi tells the priest maybe we should've told him where the rocks were

An Estonian visits russia

He departs from Tallinn, the journey goes as planned until, 2 hours and a half in, he realizes he needs petrol otherwise he won't get to russia, so he stops at a gas station near narva, and decides to get a snack and go to the bathroom. So before filling up his car he gets off, walks to the gas station's shop's counter and asks for a sandwich, he eats it, and then goes to the bathroom, seeing all the doors closed, he knocks.



What is a computer's favorite snack?

Computer chips.

What did the shark say to the sexy seal?

Damn, you're a snack

What is a duck's favorite snack?

Cheese and quackers!

Did you hear about the Russian government teaming up with Nabisco to make a new fancy snack?

It's Putin on the Ritz

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