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Me and the wife love Skunks and decided to smuggle one home but had to get past border control, the wife says how we going to do this? I said put it down your panties, she said what about the smell?

I said, well if it dies it dies...

What did Tyrion call the passage he built to smuggle whores into Casterly Rock?


What kind of drugs do criminals smuggle through airport security?

Ass crack

Smuggle joke, What kind of drugs do criminals smuggle through airport security?

You might be able to use a smuggled cell phone in prison.

You just have to have cell coverage.

An FBI statistician gave me some advice

I asked him, "I'm flying next week. Do you have any tips on how to lower my chances of being blown up by a bomb smuggled onboard by a terrorist?"

He chewed that one over for a while, then answered "Yes. Smuggle a bomb onboard yourself. I've never seen a case where two separate bombs were on the same plane, so the odds of a terrorist smuggling a second bomb onboard are very low."

TIL about Mexican drug birds.

During the early 60s drug cartels would use South-American mallard flocks to smuggle drugs over the border.

The birds' predictable migration patterns and considerable size made them perfect for the job, until a few years later.

That's when the ducks got wise and just started smoking all the quack.

Animal smugglers

A man wants to smuggle a snake and a skunk through customs. The wife says to her husband "how are we going to get them through?'. Hubby replies "I'll tie the snake around my waist and you shove the skunk up your skirt". "But what about the smell?" she says to which he responds "Well if it dies, it dies…"

Smuggle joke, Animal smugglers

The best way to get a six pack at the gym

is to take the beer from your fridge and smuggle it in.

You know how to smuggle something in a golf ball?

First, you have to get a hole in one...

An American got busted at the border for trying to smuggle two donkeys into Mexico.

It was an assassination attempt.

How do you smuggle a cheeseburger into prison?

Between 2 buns

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What's the best way to smuggle avacado toast across the galaxy?

On the millennial falcon.

how did joe smuggle a virus?

he flu.

Several men were arrested when attempting to smuggle food additives into Cuba

They were dubbed the Pirates of the Carrageenan.

Smugglers have began hiding drugs in the soles of their shoes. You shouldn't trust them

They're probably laced

What do you get when somebody smuggles weed into the special ed classroom?

Baked potatoes.

Smuggle joke, What do you get when somebody smuggles weed into the special ed classroom?

Catholics don't believe in condoms which is fair enough, but how do they suggest I smuggle heroin!

Wanted to go for a walk in the park today...

I had to end up asking a drug cartel member to smuggle me in!

Mexican cartel drones were found near the border in a failed attempt to smuggle drugs

I guess the drones got too high and crashed

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