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I was going in for surgery to remove a cyst in my hand yesterday, and I asked one of the nurses if I'd be able to play piano after recovery.

She said yes!

I replied: "That's great, I've never been able to play before!"

The eyeroll I got back made me think she was thinking back over the Hippocratic oath to determine whether she could smother me with a pillow or not.

I don't understand why women like to have so many pillows on the bed..

You need only one to smother your husband.

What's the difference between a small problem and a machine that suffocates you?

One's a spot of bother and the other's a bot of smother.

So in some parts of the world, in some hotels, if you call the concierge in the middle of the night for an extra pillow, it is a code that you want them to send a hooker to your room.

What if, in the middle of the night, you actually do need an extra pillow and they send you a hooker instead?

Then you have TWO hookers,

And only one pillow to smother them with!

My banker friend keeps talking about how attractive he is...

He keeps talking about his high interest rates.

This made my fiancee try to smother me with a pillow.

Did you know that smothering is the most immediate form of fire relief?

Yo mommas so fat, she might just be what firefighters need to stop the Gettysburg fire in California.

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