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I was told that chameleons blend well...

Then why did this one ruin my smoothie?

What do you call a smoothie that came out too thick?

A chunky.
Credit to my dad this morning..

What do you get when you mix a bulldog and a shi'tzu?

The worst smoothie I've ever had and arrested, apparently.

Smoothie joke, What do you get when you mix a bulldog and a shi'tzu?

Chameleons are supposed to blend well,

but I think it's ruined this smoothie.

What's Mr. Lahey's favorite smoothie?

Orange Julian

I GOT up at 5am,

ran 8km, came back and prepared a vegetable smoothie for breakfast.

I don't remember the rest of the dream..

My dad once put snowballs in the blender to make a smoothie.

Snowballs was a great cat.

Smoothie joke, My dad once put snowballs in the blender to make a smoothie.

What do you call a Vegan with diarrhea?

A smoothie maker!

I think I should work at a Smoothie shop

I feel like I would blend in

What do you get when you cross an Indian smoothie with a rescue dog?

Mango Lassie

Which do you prefer? Orange roughy or orange smoothie?

Texture reply to me.

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Not to brag, but I've already had two pretty sweet dates this weekend

I'm surprised how much they added to my smoothie.

The Scots are updating the perception of traditional Scottish fare.

Oatmeal porridge will now be known as a Highland Smoothie.

Why did the smoothie get assassinated?

He got mixed up with a few bad apples.

What did the smoothie say to the policeman?

Don't arrest me, I'm Innocent

How do you make a fruit smoothie?

You put two gay guys in the Grindr.

Smoothie joke, How do you make a fruit smoothie?

Covid Smoothie

Me Ex Wife dropped off a Covid smoothie for me.

Because she still cares for me, she used organic bleach.

Michael Jackson robbed a Boost Juice before he died..

He was a smoothie criminal.

What do you call a smooth movie?

A smoothie

What do you call a mythical being working in a smoothie store?


I was at my best friend's apartment craving a smoothie.

After rummaging through his kitchen looking for anything to make a smoothie with, I got really frustrated and asked him.

"Don't you have a single fruit in this damned place!"

He shrugged and said, "sorry, we only have pears."

If you put your heart and mind into it…

…a smoothie would taste disgusting.

What do you call a vegan who has diarrhea?

A smoothie blender.

Did you hear about that airplane that mixed all those people around the cabin like a blender?

That flight was not smoothie

What do you get when you mix a male cheetah with a female bear?

A Fast and Furry-ous smoothie.

A man walks into Smoothie Shop and says to the server "I want a glass of your finest beverage!"

So he used the *Frappe* setting for 6 minutes.

What do you get when you add rohypnol to a goopβ„’ wellness smoothie?

An unconscious coupling.

We Made a Smoothie with Snowballs

RIP Snowballs, the best cat I've ever owned.

Mr. Smith's Unusual Depression

Doctors were dumbfounded when they couldn't figure out why Mr. Smith was so depressed. They interviewed him about how his day had gone, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, they asked him what he ate and he said he had a watermelon smoothie with broccoli salad for lunch.

Then they realized, he was melonccoli.

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