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One farmer asks another

\- "Are your cows smokers?"

\- "No, that would be ridiculous!"

\- "Then your barn is on fire."

What kills thousands of smokers a year?

Natural Causes

Why do cigarettes cost so much?

Because smokers keep coughing up money.

Smokers joke, Why do cigarettes cost so much?

Why are pot smokers always asking "What?"

They're doobie-ous.

Mob of Pot Smokers Overthrowing Government:

"This is a high coup!"

The officer was blunt about what happens to marijuana smokers

He takes them to the joint.

2 weed smokers were sitting in a room mad at each other,

the tension was high .

Smokers joke, 2 weed smokers were sitting in a room mad at each other,

Why smokers are sexy

Because they have butts

One in four people look down on smokers.

More proof that smoking stunts your growth.

Why don't smokers use Tinder?

Because they already got matches.

Let's show a little appreciation for smokers.

If it wasn't for them, it would have been many years until we could have charged our phones in cars.

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What do you call the single African American in a group of pot smokers?

The toking black guy.

Smokers are humans too

Just not for so long

You'll never guess which generation had the most smokers


Why is it a child's play for smokers to quit smoking?

They've already done it thousands of times.

Do Smokers go to heaven?

Yes, they go to heaven faster

Smokers joke, Do Smokers go to heaven?

You know the one thing about smokers

They're a dying breed

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