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What's the biggest advantage of being a smoker?

Not having to set aside money for your old age.

Did you hear the one about Laurence the Roman Pot Smoker?

It was High Larrius

As told to me by my dad who smokes a lot

Did the disappointed smoker get everything he wanted for Christmas? Clothes but no cigar.

Smoker joke, As told to me by my dad who smokes a lot

What do an 80 year old smoker and the Japanese House of Representatives have in common?

They only have an erection every 4 years

We went shopping for a turkey to cook for Thanksgiving.

We're expecting 20 people at our house and my husband wanted to find the perfect turkey for the smoker. After picking through the stock at the grocery store he can't find one he wants. He says, "Don't these get any bigger?" I replied. "No, honey. They're already dead."

What do you call a weed smoker with abs?

A Narc.

I was once an avid smoker of weed...

I did weed everywhere

I did it in rain
I did it in snow

But I did not, in hail.

Smoker joke, I was once an avid smoker of weed...

Smokers are humans too

Just not for so long

A non-smoker says to a smoker "Excuse me, would you mind smoking somewhere else?"

The smoker replied, "Hypothetically, yes."

How did they discover that Jeffery Dahmer was a smoker?

They found all the butts behind the couch.

If I smoked 2 Chainz in a rap battle

Would that make me a chain smoker?

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What did the disappointed smoker get for Christmas?

Clothes but no cigar...

What do you call a sick smoker attending the catholic mass ?

Winstonβ„’ Church-ill

I'm a heavy smoker.

I weigh 335 lbs.

Why smokers are sexy

Because they have butts

Why did the pedestrian die after getting hit by a pot smoker?

Too much blunt force.

Smoker joke, Why did the pedestrian die after getting hit by a pot smoker?

As a pack a day smoker, instead of quitting cold turkey, I decided I'd only smoke when I drank

So I became an alcoholic

Did you know Jeffrey Dahmer was a closet smoker?

He kept the butts behind the couch.

My PC must be a former chain smoker

So many patches!

Did you hear the news about the smoker?

I forgot the whole story, but I remember that he was left breathless by the outcome.

Just saw the price of cigarettes and I realized there's no such thing as a smoker

The cigarette smokes, they are just the suckers

Did you know that Jeffrey Dahmer was a smoker...

They found a pile of butts behind his couch.

My doctor asked me if I am a regular weed smoker.

As far as I know I ain't doing it any differently than everyone else, so I said, "Well, I ain't trying to reinvent the wheel, doc."

He checked 'yes'.

Two dudes are on a ship. One of them is a smoker, the other has cigarettes, but no one has a lighter. What do they do?

The dude with cigarettes throws one overboard, which makes the boat a cigarette lighter.

Why don't smokers use Tinder?

Because they already got matches.

Do Smokers go to heaven?

Yes, they go to heaven faster

pot smoker who loves coffee

Did you hear about the pot smoker who loves coffee and his dog? yeah, he said the best part of waking up is baking with his pup.

What does a pot smoker and a cannibal have in common today?

They can't stop eating the body of Christ.

A hippo starts yelling at a man.

So this hippo was yelling at a man because the man was smoking. The hippo is actually a smoker himself though and because of his bad habit his lungs fail and he has to go to the ICU.
The whole situation was very hippo-critical.

What is the difference between a smoker and Kermit the Frog

The smoker craves a cig in the pack. Kermit the frog craves a pig in the sack.

Do you smoke?

Non-smoker Nah

Cigarette smoker Yeah

Stoner Smoke what?

How do you know if a bird is a smoker?

If it's a Puffin

What do you call a royal smoker

Your Highness.

Jewish smoker is asking his Rabbi

Rabbi, is it alright if I smoke during study of Torah?

Rabbi: Absolutely not, out of question. Why would you even ask such ridiculous thing?

The Jewish smoker goes away ashamed, but since he is a pious addict he comes back later and asks Rabbi again.

Rabbi, is it alright if I study the Torah while I smoke?

Rabbi: But of course, of course!

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