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Funniest Smoked Turkey Short Jokes

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  1. This year, I tried to smoke a turkey. But I rolled it too tight and couldn't get the end lit.
  2. My wife threw a pack of turkey and a lighter in the cart and my God the temptation was strong... It was just last week that I quit smoking cold turkey
  3. What's the hardest thing about smoking your Thanksgiving Turkey? Getting the zigzag to seal?
    ... or keeping it lit?
  4. My dad asked me to smoke the turkey after I got off work so it would be ready for dinner. I still can't fit it all in my pipe.
  5. I've been smoking w**... for most of my life, and today I quit cold turkey. I'll make do with the much cheaper chicken cold cuts and put the extra money towards buying more w**....
  6. As a pack a day s**..., instead of quitting cold turkey, I decided I'd only smoke when I drank So I became an alcoholic

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Smoked Turkey One Liners

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  1. I quit smoking cold turkey Now I just eat it like everybody else
  2. I quit smoking cold turkey. I now let it sit at room temperature for 30 minutes first.
  3. Today I quit smoking cold turkey Turns out hot turkey is much better for smoking.
  4. What happens when Turkeys get the common cold? They quit smoking.
  5. Yo' Mama is so fat, after s**..., she smokes a turkey.
  6. Yo mama's so fat When she's done having s**..., she smokes a turkey.

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