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A golfer tells his buddy, Check out this Impossible-to Lose golf ball I have...

If you hit it in the water it floats and then activates a small propeller that moves it over to the edge so you can retrieve it. If you hit it in high grass it emits a smoke signal. If you hit it into a bush, it chirps. It's literally impossible to lose!
His buddy says Wow! That's awesome. How much does it cost?
The golfer says I don't know. I just found it on the course.

I can communicate via smoke signals but I can only say one thing.

"We are having a fire"

I saw a video of a man burning a Washington r**... Jersey.

You can tell it was authentic because of the smoke signals.

I was using smoke signals and was surprised by who responded


A tourist was watching an Indigenous man sending smoke signals.

Everything around him was primitive, except of a latest model fire extinguisher.
"What's the fire extinguisher for?" the tourist wondered.
"It's for erasing the misspellings!"

A man is stranded on an island

A plane flying nearby see's his smoke signal and goes to his aid. Upon landing the pilot see's three huts.
"Thank you for saving me! I've been here longer than I can remember. " The man says.
"Where are the other survivors?" The pilot asks.
"It's just me, myself and I" says the man.
"So why are there three huts?" Asks the pilot.
"Well that small one is my home." The man replies.
"What about that big one?" Says the pilot.
"Thats my church." He responds. "I'm a man of great faith".
"Okay, and what's the third hut for?" The pilot wonders aloud.
"Oh that's my old church, but I don't go there anymore, the pastor's a lunatic".

How do the jews comunicate?

With smoke signals

Jim is up north on a trip and his car breaks down.

He checks it out for a minute and being a mechanic he pretty quickly knows he needs a tow truck.
He opens his phone and has no signal so he starts walking.
A few minutes later he here's the bass of a car coming in the distance, bht dum dum do buh dum dum do.
He waits and sees a low riding car pull up next to him.
The windows roll down and smoke pours out.
He sees a bunch of empty beer bottles.
The driver and his 3 passengers ask "hey man! Need a lift? We saw your car up the road?"
He thinks for a minute and decides not to go with them.
The ask what's wrong with the car the mechanic replies "uhh just piston broke that's all" the driven than replies "eh so are we man hop in!"

An Indian chief is driving his Cadillac somewhere at Nevada.

Suddenly his car gets broken.
He examines it, and reveals that a technician must be called.
But the chief has only $4, and no credit card. So he gathers some wood, makes a fire and signals his tribe with its smoke: "Hey, send somebody to my location with $500!"
The tribe accepts this signal, but to make sure in its meaning, signals back – once again, with the smoke:
"OK, chief, but why so much?"
At this moment a ground test of nuclear bomb is being held on the test field nearby.
A huge mushroom-like cloud of smoke rises into the sky...
The tribe signals:
"Ok, Ok, chief, we just wondered, why to be so angry?"

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