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Smoking will kill you ...

Bacon will kill you...

But, smoking bacon will cure it.

How do you get a smoking hot lover?

Stop using lube and go really fast.

Why shouldn't you smoke weed during a thunder storm?

Because lightning strikes the highest object.

Smok joke, Why shouldn't you smoke weed during a thunder storm?

Don't smoke

Unless you're on fire, then it's natural.

Why doesn't Smokey the Bear have any kids?

Because every time his wife gets hot, he covers her with dirt and beats her with a shovel.

i was about to smoke a joint in the park

but then i saw a sign that said "keep off the grass" and felt judged.

Smoked some weed the other night with some foreign dudes, massive language barrier...

We got Rosetta Stoned.

Smok joke, Smoked some weed the other night with some foreign dudes, massive language barrier...

It's okay to smoke weed

It's okay to smoke weed in the rain,

but don't in hail

Smoking is actually a good thing for me

Look how often I have to go outside into the fresh air

What do Smokey the Bear and Alexander the Great have in common?

Their middle name.

Even though I don't smoke cigarettes, I exclusively date women who do...

I figure if they're willing to suck on something that nasty, they'll suck just about anything.

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How come Smokey the Bear doesn't have any children?

Every time his wife gets hot he beats her with a shovel.

Do you smoke after sex?

I don't know, I never checked

If smoking weed ruins your short term memory...

...then what does smoking weed do?

Smoking is a scientific wonder!

It kills people, but cures salmon.

What happens when you smoke pot in Saudi Arabia?

You get stoned.

Smok joke, What happens when you smoke pot in Saudi Arabia?

What happens if you smoke weed in a musilm country?

Simple, you get stoned twice

I was going to smoke a joint with some Mexicans

But when I asked if anyone had papers, they all ran off.

If smoking is so bad for you

How come it cures salmon?

Why doesn't Smokey the Bear have sex with his wife?

Because whenever She gets hot, he hits her with a shovel.

It's 3 am. Just smoked a fatty. Just trying to make up new material with my parrot. I think i just thought of a good one but I may just be...

Too stoned with one bird.

Smoking two cigarettes at once

A girl saw a guy smoking two cigarettes at once, she asked him why ? he replied that he smokes one for himself and one for his buddy in prison. Another day, the same girl saw that guy again smoking only one cigarette this time, she said : "Congrats! i'm verry happy for you and your friend ! he must have missed you", he replied that he still is in prison, she asked : "so why are you smoking only one cigarette ?", he replied : "i stopped smoking".

I have been smoking weed for almost 13 years.

Or about a baker's dozen.

Don't smoke kids...

Because smoking kids is illegal.

A smoking hot girl walks into a bar.

A guy at the bar says, "Wow, you're gonna get laid tonight!"

She replies, "Hehe, how do you know?"

He replies, "Because I'm stronger than you."

Smoking seriously harms you and others around you

So smoke casually for the sake of public health

I used to smoke weed in the 90's

Now I don't care what temperature it is

What does smoking cure?


Smoking is good for the environment

Because it kills humans

Can you smoke weed in Saudi Arabia?

No, in Saudi Arabia only gays get stoned.

I used to smoke weed and go to class...

Sneak in ten minutes late with a bullshit excuse. Slink down low at my desk. Pray to God nobody asked me any questions.

I was the best teacher ever.

Don't smoke kids,

Because smoking kids is bad for you.

I smoked weed with a couple of cows near a police station.

The steaks were really high.

I was about to smoke weed with a couple cute Mexican girls...

I asked them if they had papers. They immediately ran off.

What does smoking cure?


If you smoke a joint while having sex on a plane...

...does that put you in the two mile high club?

I'm done with smoking, for good...

now I only smoke for evil

I just smoked a ligament..

I'm not that big of a fan of joints

My smoking hot, lesbian best friends got me a Rolex for my birthday.

I guess they misheard me when I said I wanna watch.

Smoking a cigarette

Have you ever smoked a cigarette in your car and tried to throw it out the window and a minute later you smell something and turn around to find your grandma fingering herself in the back seat?

You can still smoke marijuana today.

Because four twenty two is four twenty too

If I smoke some strong weed and beat my meat...

Am I a chronic masturbator?

Never smoking with Mexicans again.

Asked him if he had papers and he ran

Smoking Kills

Experts say that every time you inhale a drag of a cigarette, it takes 7 seconds off your life.

When I was a teenager, my best friend and I tried cigarettes for the first time. I ended up smoking for 25 years, but my friend only inhaled **once**.

Yesterday, while out walking his dog, he got hit by a bus and was killed instantly.

I can't get it out of my mind - I keep thinking - if he never had inhaled that one time - we probably could have heard him scream.

I've been smoking cigarettes for 25 years

I just don't know how I haven't gotten addicted yet

I don't smoke afghani weed,

Because people in Afghanistan get stoned to death.


I saw a woman smoking with her baby in the car and it made me feel disgusted with the world we live in.

Who lets a woman drive?

What do you smoke underwater?


I only smoke when I drink

Doctor: "Do you smoke?"

Me: "Only when I drink."

Doctor: "Well, how much do you drink?"

Me: "About two packs a day."

Smoked pot in my car and a cop arrives......

Cop : How high are you ?
Me : No officer! It's hi how are you ?

Smoking joke

Girlfriend: How many ciggerates do you smoke per day?

Boyfriend: 5 packs, give or take

Girlfriend: If you quit smoking, you could even buy a car in a year.

Boyfriend: you smoke?

Girlfriend: God, no.

Boyfriend: Where is your car?

I Always smoke after sex.,,

I should probably use lube and slow down...

Im never smoking weed with immigrants again.

I asked who's got papers and they all ran away.

If smoking Marijuana causes short term memory loss,

what does smoking Marijuana do?

Do you smoke?

Non-smoker Nah

Cigarette smoker Yeah

Stoner Smoke what?

I'm okay with smoking, alcohol, and marijuana.

But cocaine is where I draw the line.

I'm never smoking with illegal immigrants again!

I asked who had the papers and everyone ran.

If you smoke weed before an eating contest

You're technically on performance enhancing drugs

Smokey the bear said he's had a rough time finding a girlfriend.

He's just afraid to use tinder.

If smoking weed causes short-term memory loss...

Then what does smoking weed do?

If you smoke seaweed on the beach... you experience high tide?

Smoking will kill you. Bacon will kill you.

Smoking bacon will cure it.

I've been smoking weed for most of my life, and today I quit cold turkey.

I'll make do with the much cheaper chicken cold cuts and put the extra money towards buying more weed.

If smoking kills...

Then why does it cure salmon?

I only smoke cigarettes after having sex.

I don't smoke.

"I've never smoked or drank anything in my life..." claimed Gary

"Quit your bullshit Gary I've seen you smoke." Said his friend

"That one doesn't count I was drunk that day"

Why can't you smoke at airports?

Cause it gives you terminal cancer.

What's smoky an sounds like a bell?


I used to smoke marijuana everyday but recently I had to quit and take a break because my friends we're telling me that I was getting WAY too paranoid.

Well, I mean, they weren't telling me, but I Know they were thinking it.

They say smoking cigarettes can be expensive. I learnt it the hard way

Just the other day I ended up burning a hole in my pockets.

Smokey the Bear says "Only YOU can prevent wildfires!"

Half the world is burning right now.

*I hope you feel good about yourself.*

"Do you smoke?"


"Do you know that smoking shortens your life."

*"Yeah I know."*

"How old are you?"


"You would have been 28 by now."

Smoky Bear: Only YOU can prevent wildfires!

Two guys are talking about TV commercials. One of them says, So, I saw this commercial the other day where a bear dressed as park ranger said that only I could prevent wildfires.

The other guy replies, Why, that two-timing liar! The other day he told me that _I_ was the only one who could prevent them!

Did you know smoking fish may be hazardous for your health?

I was told so by the Sturgeon General

I tried smoking weed with my immigrant friends but they all ran away

I only asked "any papers?"

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