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Mahatma Gandhi was a strange person.

He walked barefoot everywhere, to the point that his feet became quite thick and hard. He often went on hunger strikes, and even when he wasn't on a hunger strike, he did not eat much and became quite thin and frail. He also was a very spiritual person. Finally, because he didn't eat much and when he did his diet was peculiar, he developed very smelly breath.

He eventually became known as a super-calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis.

Confessions of a newly wed.

On the first night of their honeymoon, the husband isn't sure how to tell his bride about his stinky feet and smelly socks, while the wife is wondering how to break the news to him about her awful breath, which so far, she's been able to cover up.

After some soul-searching, the husband gathers his nerve and says, I have a confession.

She draws closer, peers into his eyes, and says, Darling, so do I.

Recoiling, he says, Don't tell me - you've eaten my socks.

Why does the giraffe have a long neck?

Because it has smelly feet.

How does Mary Poppins cure smelly feet?

Step in thyme.

I once dated someone with really smelly feet, the smell used to bring tears to my eyes...

It was like someone was chopping bunions.

Does anybody know how to get rid of smelly feet?

Asking for a foot

A man walks up to woman and asks her 'Can I smelly your pussy?'

'No you most certainly can not!' she replies.

'Oh' the man says, 'It must be your feet'

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