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Did you hear about the guy with erectile dysfunction who was aroused by tastes and smells?

It took a while, but he finally came to his senses.

Home Covid Test.

1: Open a can of beer and try to smell it.

2: If you can smell the beer, drink it to see if you can taste it.

3: If you can taste it and smell it, this confirms you don't have Covid.

Last night, I did the test 15 times and all were negative. Tonight I am going to do the test again because this morning I woke up with a headache and feeling like I am coming down with something.

I am so nervous.

Do It Yourself COVID Test

1. Pour a glass of wine and smell it
2. If you can smell it, then taste it
3. If you can both smell it and taste it, you do not have the Covid virus

Just to test it out, I did the test 19 times last evening and, thank God, all the tests were negative. But I'll have to repeat them today, as I woke up with a headache and a bit disoriented this morning.

COVID-19 home test:

Open a beer and smell it. If you can smell the beer, this is good, as one of the symptoms of COVID-19 is a loss of smell.

Now drink the beer. If you can taste it, this is good, as another symptom of COVID-19 is loss of taste.

I was tested 11 times yesterday, and all tests turned out negative.

I need more testing today, since headache is another potential symptom...

What is something that tastes better than it smells?

A tongue

I'm aroused by my ability to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch

I've come to my senses

I have read that symptoms of the Covid19 virus can include loss of smell and taste. Well I don't know about your sense of smell....

But judging by your hair and clothes I think you might've had this disease for quite some time.

A new and easy test for COVID-19

Take a glass and pour your favourite spirit, then see if you can smell it.
If you can then you are halfway there.

Then drink it and if you can taste it then it is reasonable to assume you are currently free of the virus.

I tested myself nine times last night and was virus free every time, thank goodness.
I will have to test myself again today, as I have a headache, which can also be one of the symptoms!!!

What smells better than it taste?

A nose

A boy who couldn't hear, smell, taste or feel punched me in the head yesterday.

I told him "there was no need for senseless violence"

Farting under the covers is no longer called a Dutch oven...

It's a free Covid test. If you can still smell or taste it, you're negative.

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Women are like bacon.

They look good, they smell good, they taste good, and they slowly kill you.

What do a pizza delivery guy and gynaecologist both have in common?

They both have to smell it, but neither of them get to taste it

Bacon is like a woman

it looks good

it smells good

it tastes good

and it slowly kills men

What tastes good but doesn't smell good?

A tongue.


Daily Covid-19 check

At 7 p.m. open the whiskey bottle and smell it.

If you can smell, you are not infected.

Then pour it in in a glass tumbler.

Taste it. if you can feel the taste, you are not infected.

\~ Dr Johnny Walker

What does an gynocologist and a pizza delivery driver have in common?

They can both smell it but can't taste it.

What do you call a dog that can't hear, can't see, can't smell, can't taste, and can't feel?


Looks like coke

Tastes like coke, smells like AHHHHWHATAMIDOINGWITHMYLIFE

Two guys walking down the road see a pile of dog poop

One says, "hey that looks like dog poop". Then he bends over and touches it. He says, "feels like dog poop". The other bends over and sniffs it. Says, "smells like dog poop". Then he sticks his finger in it and tastes it. He says "tastes like dog poop". The other one says, "Well, good thing we didn't step in it!!"

Note: little boys crack right up all the way through with this joke. Something about poop is enormously funny to boys.

What does you call a person without 5 senses (hearing, smell, taste, feel, and hear)?

A person without *common* sense.

If it looks like a dog, smells like a dog, and tastes like a dog...

Then your a monster

if it looks like bread, smells like bread, and tastes like bread...

it's probably the flesh of a 2000 year old messiah

What do gynecologists and pizza delivery drivers have in common?

They're close enough to smell it, but can't have a taste.

Is that dog poo?

A guy is walking down the street and sees a brown lump ahead. "Is that dog poo?" He thinks to himself.

He approaches it to examine if it is dog poo. "Well it looks like dog poo." He bends down and sniffs it. "Smells like dog poo." He grazes the substance with his finger. "Feels like dog poo." His finger scoops up a part of the poo, and he licks it. "Tastes like dog poo.... Yep, this is dog poo alright."

"Well, good thing I didn't step in it."

β€ͺAll the distilleries reworking to make hand sanitizer is crazy awesome

The stuff I've just bought to clean my hands in the car smells like Vodka, but it tastes just like Rum!‬

Panicking, I told the doctor that I couldn't smell my food and it tasted plasticky. With a concerned look on his face, he told me to...

...remove it from the package.

Since I contracted Covid-19 our sex life has been so much better

Seeing as I can't smell or taste.

Cannibals have historically described human as tasting like pork, while holocaust survivors described burning people smelling like chicken.

It's like these people have never had pork or something!

My friend asked me how would people survive without the ability to see, hear, smell, taste, or feel.

I told him: It's nonsense.

Never thought the wife could cook til today when she made me a banana that smelled and tasted just like fish

I never knew she had it in her

Candies and Candles have a lot in common. One melts and tastes good while the other melts and smells good. What do they lack in common?

Their IL numbers.

How can you tell if someone is blind, deaf, and has no sense of taste or feeling?

Don't worry, they'll smell you.

Two snowmen were standing in a field, and one said to the other 'Can you smell carrot?' The second replied, 'No, but I can taste coal.'

What does a gynocologist and a pizza man have in common?

Thay can smell the goods, but they can't taste them.

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