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What's that smell?

Girl: Eugh it smells like bleach in here
Guy: Sorry love it must be my aftershave, it's eau de toilette

Smelly Roommate (Anthony Jeselnik)

I once had this Eastern European roommate who never showered or used deodorant. He smelled awful and after a while it got unbearable. I didn't have the heart to tell him that he smelled bad, so I left him a note one morning in the bathroom, "Dear Olaf, get out of my country"

-Anthony Jeselnik

I actually like the smell of hospitals..

Does that make me a sick person?

Smel joke, I actually like the smell of hospitals..

Have you ever smelled molasses?

How did you catch the little buggers?

Have you ever smelled mothballs?

How did you get your nose between its legs?

Why does it smell like burnt plastic?

They just started Joan Rivers cremation.


"Whoever smelt it, dealt it..."

" technically officer, this is YOUR marijuana"

Smel joke, "Whoever smelt it, dealt it..."

Why does it smell so bad in Russia?

Everybody loves Putin!

What's the smelliest type of pencil?

A #2 pencil

Smells fresh, like a tropical island

Okay now take off the blindfold. Your family's been dead in here for a week. We frebreezed it

Smell that patchouli candle? Now you're naked, i'm going to massage this lavender oil into your shoulders, then stroke your curves with these lemon grass strands...

It should be quite homeo-erotic

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I keep smelling a disgusting odor coming from the bathroom even no is using it.

I think it might be pootergeist.

To smell good while aboard the ISS, astronauts wear ...

Old Space.

What smells better raw meat or a baby?

Depends on how cooked the baby is.

What smells better than it taste?

A nose

If you smell burnt toast, you may be having a stroke...

But if you also smell bacon then you're probably having breakfast.

Smel joke, If you smell burnt toast, you may be having a stroke...

What smelled so bad it almost cost a young girl her life?

Anne Frank's diarrhea.

Has anyone here ever smelled mothballs?

I'm having trouble getting their tiny legs open.

What do you tell a smelly Japanese person?


What's the smelliest breed of dog?

A poo-dle

Have you ever smelled mothballs?

How did you get their tiny legs apart?

Can you smell mothballs? I can't.

I can never get their legs far enough apart.

Have you ever smelled mothballs before?

I'm just wondering because I'm having trouble getting their little legs open.

I smell maple syrup!

A mama mole, a papa mole, and a baby mole all live in a little mole hole. One day the papa mole sticks his head out of the hole, sniffs the air and says, "Yum! I smell maple syrup!"

The mama mole sticks her head out of the hole, sniffs the air and says "Yum! I smell honey!"

The baby mole tries to stick his head out of the hole to sniff the air, but can't because the bigger moles are in the way. So he says, "Geez, all I can smell is . . . . .


Why does it smell bad when you destroy fans?

Because you're breaking wind.

have you smelled my new seeded aftershave?

The birds love it.

It smells like a henway in here.

Person: What's a henway?

Me: About 2 pounds.

What did one smelly hippy say to the other after they found some clean clothes?

You've changed

All I smell is a bad pun in me...

But who nose what it will be today.

if you smell rat among yourselves..

that's because you can smell yourself

Why does it smell so bad when a mime has a stroke?

Because it's Silent But Deadly

Where are smells made?


Well, "He who smelt it, dealt it"...

So technically the weed is yours, Officer.

Smells like Urine

What is 40ft long and smells like urine?

A line dance at an old folks home.

I like the smell of mothballs.

But it can sometimes be hard getting their little legs apart.

I can smell oranges from a mile away.

That's why I work for the secret service

Why does it smell in the Twilight Zone?

^doo ^^doo ^doo doo ^doo ^^doo ^doo doo

What's the smelliest hair?

Nose Hair

Have you ever smelled mothballs?

It's hard to get your head in there before they fly away.

What smells of mothballs?

The underpants worn by male moths.

What did it smell like in Sean Connery's bathroom after he used Orange bathroom potpourri spray?


How do you smell once you get of bed?

Like sheet.

You could say the smell of a new Apple product is...

Scent from my iPhone

Have you ever smelled mothballs?

Ewww what'd you do, hold him by the wings??

What can be smelt and heard from twenty miles away?

My son playing Call of Duty

What smells like fish and ends in UNT?

Rex Hunt

Me: Can I smell your panties?

Her: No!
Me: Well then, it must be your feet!

The smell of rain

Every loves the smell of rain. So fresh, so clean. But in actuality you can't actually smell rain. What you smell is the world around you.

Way back in the day humans used to have to actually hunt their food. So if you were chasing down a deer and it started to rain you could easily lose the scent. So humans evolved to smell better in the rain.

And that is why your farts smell worse in the shower.

Me: It smells like updog in here.

Girl: What's updog?
Me: Well I've been having a hard time with depression Karen...

What smells worse than wet dog

A wet human

What is the smelliest part of losing?


What's smelly, spits and walks around the desert going 'Click'?

A camela.

If smells are nostalgic, does that mean they're ...


What does it smell like to go down on an 80 year old?


Is it me or does it smell like updog in here?

Me: it smells like upsexy in here...

My crush: what's updog?

Why does the U.S smell so good?

Because it was a colony once.

Do you smell gas?

A plumber and his apprentice are working on a house when the plumber turns and says

"do you smell gas?"

The apprentice replies - "no, I can't even smell my own name"

What are the smelliest pair of Pants?

Puma pants

If it smells like fish....

Do what you wish. If it smells like cologne, leave it alone. It it smells like otter, don't even bother.

What's the most smelly animal on the farm?

The Toilet Duck.

Why do Pakistani's smell so bad?

So blind people can hate them as well.

Ever smell mothballs?

How did you get his little legs apart?

What does it smell like when a cow farts?


What's the best smelling insect?

This was found on the back of my Laffy Taffy wrapper. The answer is deodor-ant.

Smelly joke

Where do they make smells?

In an olfactory

Have you ever smelled moth balls?

How do you keep their tiny little legs apart?

"Sorry for the smell, it's hand sanitizer."

"Don't worry, I haven't
been able to smell stuff
for a couple of days

What do you smell if you (accidentally) burn a cat?


No cats were harmed in the making of this joke!

You ever smelled moth balls?

How'd you get their little legs apart?

You know if you smell feet and your nose is running

Then you just might be upside down

Why does it smell so bad in Moscow?

The prime minister has been Putin since 1999

Sometimes I smell great when I'm fresh out of the shower, and sometimes my B.O. is really strong

Anyway, that's just my two scents.

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