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Teacher - how did our grandparents kill time without smartphones or internet ?

Student- I've already asked this question to my mum, her 5 brothers and 7 sisters !!

How did our grandparents killed time when there were no Smartphones and Internet?

I already asked my mom, her four sisters and five brothers.

Google really does spy on us

This is why I don't trust smartphones. My friend and I were talking about repairing his roof over the next week, because the recent storm took off a few portions. The next day I saw advertisements all over Facebook telling me there are hot shingles in my area looking to get nailed.

Smartphones joke, Google really does spy on us

The price of smartphones are getting way too ridiculous

If I fall and hear something crack, I'm hoping it's a bone

I used to read shampoo bottles while on the toilet..

But now with smartphones I can just take a picture of the bottle and read it anywhere!

Relationships are like smartphones.....

You look at your iPhone 7 and think, it used to be a lot quicker to turn this thing on.

Why do people love their smartphones so much?

Because opposites attract. (Told to me by 2 students today, loved it!)

Smartphones joke, Why do people love their smartphones so much?

Did you hear about all the smartphones that got stolen from a semi stalled on the interstate?

It was Huawei robbery.

Technology is crazy these days

We now have smartphones, wireless TVs, and tablets.
When I was a kid we had to blow everything. The Nintendo cartridge, the mouse with that ball inside, the priest.

You kids have it easy with your convenient music streaming services and your smartphones. When we were teenagers, if we wanted to listen to an album by our favourite Australian alt rockers, we had to download it from Napster and put it on a CD ourselves.

We were burning the Midnight Oil.

Why are all the personal assistants on smartphones female?

because they have to get women in tech somehow....

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Science is progressing in leaps and bounds. In 20 years...

...we'll definitely have better smartphones.

Statistics have proven that the average parent communciates with their child using smartphones

Antivaxxer parents use an Ouija board.

Don't bring your smartphones inside a hospital.

Because an Apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

I hang old smartphones over a baby's crib.

They are mobile devices after all.

Smartphones are a lot like dairy cows...

They become more valuable with increased mammary space.

Smartphones joke, Smartphones are a lot like dairy cows...

Do you know why some smartphones have screen bleeding?

They are female, biologically.

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