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A farmer bragged to his friend about his smart chickens

"How do you know they're smart?"
"They love classical music! That's smarty-pants music right there."
"And how do you know that's what they like?"
"Every morning, I say to the chickens 'What music for today?' and they ask for their favorite composer: 'Bach, Bach, Bach!'"

Why did the m&m go to school

He wanted to become a smartie

Why did the Skittles go to school?

*They wanted to become Smarties*

What do you call a London subway train full of professors?

A tube of smarties.

If M&M's go to university,

do they become Smarties?

Why did the chocolate decide to go to school?

Because he wanted to be a Smartie!!!

My vaccume cleaner s**... because it doesn't s**......

Unlike my other vaccume cleaner, which doesn't s**... because it s**....
(co-writing credit to smarties pants u/lord_of_the_realm)

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