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John F Kennedy was the smartest president America has ever had.

He's the only president we know for sure had a brain.

Brad Pitt, Donald Trump, an old man, and a young boy are flying on a plane that's about c**... but there are only 3 parachutes.

Brad Pitt, grabbing a parachute, says: "I'm sorry, guys. My kids need me, my fans need me, I'm outta here." He jumps.
Donald Trump says: "I'm sorry, too, but I'm going to be the smartest president to ever govern the United States." He jumps.
Finally, the old man says to the boy: "You know what? I lived my life to the fullest, now it's your turn. Go ahead and take the last parachute." The boy looks at the man and responds: "There's no need for that. The smartest president ever just took my school bag."

Trump parachute joke

Bill gates, Donald Trump, the Pope, and a boy are on a plane that's about to c**.... There are 3 parachutes.
Everyone agreed that Bill Gates was very important, and the world wouldn't be the same without him. And so, he grabbed a parachute and jumped out.
Donald Trump said that he was the president of the United States, and he claimed that he was very important and "the smartest president there ever will be", so he jumped out as well.
The Pope said to the boy, "I am old, and my days are almost over. Take the last parachute and jump!"
The boy replied, "It's fine, Donald Trump didn't grab a parachute; he grabbed my backpack."

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