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My girlfriend is so smart!

I forgot to bring my phone, so I used my friend's phone to call her.

She answered: "What's up, honey?"

What a smart girl! She knew I was the one on the phone!

My girlfriend is so smart, she really surprises me!

I went golfing, and forgot to bring my phone, so I used my friend's phone to call her.

She answered: "What's up, honey?"

What a smart girl! She knew I was the one on the phone!

A black guy, a white guy, and a Mexican guy were eying a hot chick from across a bar.

She notices them looking at her, so she walks up to them.She says, " I want a man that"s smart. Use the words LIVER and CHEESE in one sentence. "The black guy goes " I love to eat liver and cheese. "The white guy goes " I like to cook liver and cheese. "The Mexican guy goes up to the girl and tells the guys " Liver alone, cheese mine!!"

My girl is so smart!

My girlfriend is so smart. I called her from my friends phone and she said "what's up honey?". She already knew I was on the other side of the line ;)

A general, an officer, an old lady, and an attractive young woman all board a train together.

As they ride along they go in a dark tunnel and can't see anything. Suddenly, they hear a quick smooch followed by a loud smack!

The old lady thinks, "that young girl has some fine morals, smacking a man for trying to steal a kiss."

The young woman thinks, "how odd, the general tried to kiss the old lady instead of me."

The general thinks, "that officer is smart, he steals a kiss, and I get slapped."

The office thinks, "I'M A GENIUS! I kiss the back of my hand, and get to hit a 4 star general!!!"

Boy: You are very beautiful

Girl: You are only saying this because you wanna have sex with me...
Boy: Smart, too.

Boy To Girl

Boy : You are the most funniest & most beautiful girl I've ever met.
Girl : You just want to screw me , Don't you ?
Boy : Wow ! and smart too ... !

Redneck boy meets his dream girl!

A young boy comes home to his father one day after school.

"Dad, I met the most INCREDIBLE girl in the world today. She's smart, she's beautiful, AND she's funny."

Dad pats his son on the back and walks him into the kitchen, "That's great, son. I'm proud of you for finding someone you like so much."

"That's not the best part, Dad. She's a VIRGIN."

At this point the father slams his hand down on the counter, "I forbid this relationship, son. I never want you to see this girl again. And if I find out you do, I'm going to give you the biggest whooping you ever had."

Tears stream down the son's face, "But, Dad, WHY? She's amazing and she likes me!"

"Well, son. If she ain't good enough for her own family, she ain't good enough for ours."

3 blonde girls is at the side of a river

And they're trying to get to the village on the other side

1 blond girl ask god to make her smart,so god turn her into a brunette and she swims across the river

the other girl ask god to make her smarter than the girl that just swam,so god make her into a redhead and she built a raft and paddle across

The last girl ask god to make her smarter than the other two girls,so god make her a man and he uses the bridge

What's it called when a smart girl jerks you off?

A stroke of genius!

Why do blonde girls have bruises around their belly buttons?

Because blonde guys aren't that smart either.

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Blonde Joke

Why did the blonde girl have bruises around her belly button?

Because blonde guys aren't smart either (Sorry if it's a repost.)

Ever have sex with a girl only to realize they're completely insane?

For example, last week I hooked up with this cute red-head . She was smart, sexy, bit of a lisp. Everything seemed normal, but the second we got finished she started going on about how she was the Norse god of thunder.

A plane was going down

and there were 4 people aboard: The president, the smartest man in the world, an old man, and a little girl. However, there were only 3 parachutes. The president said, "I'm too important to die," and took a parachute and jumped. The smartest man in the world said, "other people will need my smarts," and he also jumped off. The old man said,"you can go, my life is almost over anyway." The girl said," no, we can both go. The smartest man in the world took my Dora backpack."

Why don't smart girls ever get pregnant?

Because they use their head.

Girl made $20 climbing a tree

A girl was excited that she made $20 climbing a tree, so she had to tell her mom. The mom said "Honey they just wanted to see your panties!" To which the daughter responded with "I was smart! I took them off."

want a smart girl, a nice girl, a romantic girl.

But most importantly, I want these women to never meet.


Two engineering students are walking along and the first engineering student asks, "Hey where did you get the new bike?". The second engineering student replies, "It was the craziest day, there I am headed to class and all of a sudden this hot girl rides up to me with the bike. Then she throws the bike down, takes all her clothes off and says 'Take what you want!'". The first engineering student nods his head and says, "Smart choice, there's no way those clothes would've fit".

My girlfriend woke up and said I'm mad at you! I just had a dream that you were hitting on college girls!

I could tell she was really upset so I hugged her, then looked in her eyes and said Oh sweetheart you have nothing to worry about...I don't dig smart chicks

I was walking behind a girl late at night

I open silently the bottle of chloroform so she doesn't freak out.
I put out my tissue,
put chloroform on it,
clean my nose,
and pass out

I'm not a smart man

What do you call it when your having sex with a smart girl?

Being in-genious

So a father and son are sitting outside an icecream shop.

And three women walk out, one licking, one sucking and one biting the icecream cone. The father asks the son, "which one of those girls is married?" The son replies "obviously the one sucking the cone"
"No son, the one with the wedding ring, but I like the way you think."

Sorry for grammar. I smart

I met this girl at the library...

She was really smart! Almost as brainy as Kurt Cobain's ceiling.

Guys, you can't ask a girl her weight!

You have to factor in her height too! Ask for her BMI score. Be smart.

[OC] What did Ron say when a smart girl kicked his leg?


You Hermione!

A beautiful girl looks good in the background of her smart friend.

Eight-year-old Nina brought her report card home from school.

Her marks were good…mostly A’s and a couple of B’s.

However, her teacher had written across the bottom: "Nina is a smart little girl, but she has one fault. She talks too much in school. I have an idea I am going to try, which I think may break her of the habit."

Nina’s dad signed her report card, putting a note on the back: "Please let me know if your idea works on Nina because I would like to try it out on her mother."

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