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If April Showers bring May Flowers, then what do May Flowers bring?


April showers bring may flowers What do may flowers bring?


What do Pilgrims bring?


Why I won't take the Covid Vaccine

The first smallpox vaccine came out in 1796 and 100% of the recipients are dead.

Smallpox joke, Why I won't take the Covid Vaccine

Smallpox, the Spanish Flu, and the black death have already done the whole global pandemic thing...

What covid is doing is just plaguerism.

April showers bring May flowers...

...but Mayflowers bring smallpox.

What begins with S, ends with X and will change your life?


My jokes are like smallpox. It's a killer.

But no one gets it anymore.

Smallpox joke, My jokes are like smallpox. It's a killer.

Give a native American a blanket and keep him warm for the winter.

Give him a Smallpox blanket and keep him warm the rest of his life.

Only anti-vaxers will get this...


What was the best part of being a blind smallpox inoculator in the 18th century?

The great stories you get to read everyday.

The following ran on Internet Explorer's Facebook pad yesterday:

We have finally made a vaccine! Thanks to the hundreds of brilliant scientists worldwide working tirelessly on a vaccine, we have finally found a vaccine.

It is reported that mass production of the newly discovered smallpox vaccine will begin from next week.

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This year I decided I am going back to the real roots of Thanksgiving and celebrating it in the traditional fashion.

I will be handing out smallpox blankets to Native Americans.

What did Columbus give the natives in return for the island of Hispaniola?


April rain

April rain brings May flower. May flower brings smallpox.

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