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A couple is having a dinner at home.

A couple is having a dinner at home.A husband has a big piece of steak with the small piece of steak on his plate.He decided to give his wife the smaller one and he eats the bigger one.

The wife then remembers her past:"When we were first married,you give me the bigger steak and eat the smaller one. Now you don't love me anymore!!"

The husband replies:"That's nonsense darling,you cook better now!"

I had a birthday cake and decided to share it with my friend.

I decided to cut one quarter of the cake and gave it to him and I kept the rest for myself.
He started crying and whining about how selfish I was.
Me: Alright, so if you were in my position what would you do?
Friend: If it was my birthday cake, I would give you the bigger piece and keep the smaller piece for myself because I'm not selfish.
Me: But that's exactly what I just did so what are you complaining about?

Your momma's so fat...

Her picture fell off the wall
She wears a 3 piece bikini
There are smaller fat women orbiting her
Her tampons come equipped with On Star

Two pieces of coal and a diamond..

...are standing together and the bigger piece of coal says to the smaller piece of coal "Leave your dad alone - he's been under a lot of pressure"!

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