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Why do slugs carry pepper spray when they go out late at night?

To protect themselves from a salt

I'm currently studying snails and slugs.

It's safe to say I'm a slow learner.

A snail is walking home from the pub one night, when he gets beaten up and mugged by two slugs...

He goes to the police, who ask him for a description of the attackers.
"To be honest, it all happened so fast..."

TIL there more slugs in the world than snails because slugs...

...don't wear protection.

a French man is carrying snails across a border to trade.

A foreign native did not understand what he was buying and asked: "Are these pet slugs?"
"no. Escargo."

Why do slugs die when you beat them in video games?

They get salty

I counted the number of all the slugs in the world

It was a g**... value

What is the best weapon against a hoard of giant zombie slugs and snails?

A son asks his dad what the difference between theoretically and realistically is....

Dad replies, that's a hard question son but I have an idea, go ask your mom if she'd sleep with Wayne Rooney for a million quid, son returns and said mom said she would, the dad send the son to ask the sister the same question, he returns and said she would too. The dad says to the son, go ask your brother the same question, he returns and says he would too.
Dad replies, there you go son, you have your answer. Theoretically we are sitting on 3 million quid but realistically we are living with two slugs and a p**....

Two Slugs Go To the Races

Two slugs attend an automobile derby at which all of the drivers are snails. The two arrive in the middle of the race, and they quickly realize that while other races may have their cars numbered, this derby labels the vehicles with letters from A to Z. They're surprised by this, but quickly find that it makes identifying the cars much easier.
As they find their seats, they hear the growling of an engine off in the distance. Both turn to look just in time to see one of the snail motorists go whipping past them, far ahead of the competition. One slug turns to the other and says, "Look at that S car go!"

Slugs joke, Two Slugs Go To the Races

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Slugs joke, Two Slugs Go To the Races

Slugs joke, Two Slugs Go To the Races

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