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  1. I had the rudest, slowest, nastiest cashier today! I guess it's my own fault for using the self checkout lane.
  2. I've worked with starving children in Africa, and let me tell you... They are the slowest workers I've ever seen.
  3. Today I had the meanest, slowest, rudest cashier I've ever had. I guess it's my fault for using the self checkout.
  4. Three kittens are on a sloping roof... Which one slide down the slowest?
    The one with the highest μ
  5. I had the rudest, slowest, and nastiest cashier today... That's the last time I use the self checkout lane!
  6. If a car is going 30 km/h and makes a 35-degree turn, which of its wheels turns the slowest? The spare tire...
  7. Today I got behind the slowest black station wagon ever It was driving so slow and bad the other lane was going off the road and everyone behind it was crying. Glad I passed it
  8. Me: Wow! This must be the slowest train I've ever been on. Bride: Would someone please get this idiot off my dress?
  9. Confucius say... He who laugh last thinks slowest.
    He who laughs first, *has dirtiest mind.*
  10. what's the slowest thing in the world? A Mexican f**... with only one set of jumper cables

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  1. What's the slowest Nation Procrastination
  2. Why are tomatoes the slowest vegetable? Because they can't ketchup.
  3. Which is the slowest Volvo?
  4. Safari #1 rule. Never be the slowest runner in the group.
  5. What is the slowest marathon? 56k
  6. Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.
  7. What is the slowest racehorse in the world?
    A clotheshorse.
  8. What is the slowest ship? A snail boat.
  9. What's the slowest, most painful way to kill yourself? Get married.
  10. He who laughs last thinks slowest.
  11. What's the slowest vehicle on the road? The short bus.

Slowest joke, What's the slowest vehicle on the road?

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A married couple are having a fight.

Finally the wife screams at the husband to get out of the house. She throws his suitcases at him and he packs his things. On his way out, the woman says, "I hope you die the slowest, most miserable, most agonizing death imaginable." So he turns and says, " What, so now you want me to stay?"

A group of friends are hiking in the mountains, when they spot a bear running towards them...

They frantically drop everything then start running from the bear. But the bear soon catches up to the slowest friend and mauls him.
The horrified friends watch in horror as the bear feasts on their deceased mate.
Then one of them breaks into tears sobbing:
"I feel so guilty!"
"It could've been any of us, my friend. You should not feel any shame or guilt!"
"You mean... You guys would've tripped him too?"

I love the English cricket team....

The thinnest guy is called broad, ugliest guy is called swann, slowest fielder is trott, guy who is 'behind' the stumps is called prior, and guy whose father's name is john is called peter-son. And the guy who is named Monty goes in with his clothes on.
No doubt, this Cricket team deserves to be led by a Cook.

Slowest joke, If a car is going 30 km/h and makes a 35-degree turn, which of its wheels turns the slowest?